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Hi everyone! This month we have added some more excellent links, articles and videos.

For example, this is very good: THE ONE MINUTE APOLOGIST which has its own YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on various apologetic topics! We have actually included this one on our site: Are All Religions Basically The Same?

We highly recommend another dedicated YouTube channel well worth viewing: White Horse Inn. This is also one of our favourite podcasts. This particular channel features excellent videos that are consistent with the White Horse Inn radio broadcasts.

Read on for more, including Christian Audio's free eBook of the month...


Free eBook: 'The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon'


Reformation Trust is offering a free eBook for the month of November only.

Steven Lawson’s 'The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon' is all about one of our favourite Baptists - Charles Spurgeon of course!

He was the eloquent preacher of nineteenth-century London fondly known today as “the prince of preachers.” In this book Lawson 'shows that Spurgeon fearlessly taught the doctrines of grace and simultaneously held forth the free offer of salvation in Jesus Christ.'

This critical balance between divine sovereignty in salvation and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is in full view in this book and we here, at Christian Faith, hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Offer concludes: November 30, 2013. 


Free eBook: 'John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology.'

Once again Reformation Trust is offering a free eBook for this month only.

This book is called 'John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology' by various contributors such as Jay Adams, Eric Alexander Thabiti Anyabwile, Joel Beeke, Jerry Bridges, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, D. G. Hart, Michael Horton, Phillip R. Johnson, Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, Keith Mathison, Richard Phillips, Harry Reeder, Philip Graham Ryken, Derek Thomas, and Thomas Ascol.

The eBook explores Calvin 'the man; his work (as a Reformer, a churchman, a preacher, a counselor, and a writer); and his teachings.'

Offer concludes: October 31, 2013. 


Watch 'Creation & Re-Creation': 2013 Fall Conference at Reformation Bible College


Organised by Ligonier Conferences, this year's conference featured Sinclair Ferguson, Nathan Clark George, Andrew Peterson, R.C. Sproul Jr., and R.C. Sproul.  

All of the messages from this conference, including Sinclair Ferguson's extra talk at Reformation Bible College, have been made available for us to stream and watch for free, thanks to the team at


  • Homo Faber by R.C. Sproul
  • Music Writing as Dominion by Nathan Clark George
  • Homo Sapiens by Sinclair Ferguson
  • Given for Beauty by Sinclair Ferguson
  • He Gave Us Stories by Andrew Peterson
  • Questions & Answers
  • Portrait of an Artist as the Son of Man by R.C. Sproul, Jr.

You can watch the entire 2013 Conference HERE now.


Free audiobook: 'A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards' by George M. Marsden

Every month 'Christianaudio' freely gives away one premium audiobook download.

This month's book is fantastic: A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards by George M. Marsden. Narrated by Grover Gardner the audiobook runs for 5 hours.

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) was one of the most significant figures in American history. Possibly the most brilliant theologian ever born in USA, Edwards was also a pastor, notable preacher, a missionary to Native Americans, a biographer, a president of a college, a philosopher, a husband and the father of eleven children.

His influence today is very extensive among evangelicals and beyond.



It's that time again!

We have added some very interesting links for you.

Consider these:

CHRISTIAN WITNESS TO ISRAEL including a very useful ONLINE PUBLICATION’S section (pdf):

 - Besorah is a new study guide consisting of ten studies written with a Jewish audience in mind

 - ONE16 is CWI’s free online theological journal.

 - Voices from the Past are sermons preached by Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Charles H Spurgeon and Horatius Bonar on the question of Israel, the Jewish people and the Church's responsibility towards them.

Podcast anyone? Then 5 MINUTES IN CHURCH HISTORY with Dr. Stephen Nichols, who has a passion for church history (Ligonier Ministries), is for you.

Please read on for more ...


Why Darwinism just got even more embarrassing...

Before you read this brief article please look at the picture on the left.

What does it look like?

A gear perhaps? But a gear requires 'design'. The picture you are looking at is from a junior 'planthopper' insect that jumps like a grasshopper. In fact, it is an elite Olympic Games jumper. The little critter can accelerate so quickly, it defies belief.

Consider this from Popular Mechanics: In 2 milliseconds it has bulleted skyward, accelerating at nearly 400 g's—a rate more than 20 times what a human body can withstand.

This month some curious UK researchers published their findings about this tiny insect in the Journal of Science and according to the Las Vegas Guardian Express: "Neurobiologist Malcom Burrows of the University of Cambridge made a shocking observation that the legs of young planthoppers had teeth that lock into place similar to man-made gears."

Did you get that? "...similar to man-made gears". How about a lot like 'man-made gears'!

I've put together some good links and a video so please read on but I must put this quote on the front page. If it wasn't so serious an issue, then this quote would be soooooooooo funny. It comes from Robert Full, a biomechanist at UC Berkeley who is reported in the Express as stating this gem... 'that the planthopper’s gears are “…a wonderful example of the clever solutions that nature comes up with.”

Sigh! "... nature comes up with". Really? She is one smart Momma!

Could it just be that the theory of evolution is just plain wrong and should be shredded? Why do Darwinists persist with this fairy tale of non-intelligent undirected causes? Please read on ...


'Evolution vs God' raises eyebrows in the Christian community... why?

Ray Comfort's distinctive style of evangelism/apologetics has some Christians somewhat perplexed, even angry, since the release of his very provocative new documentary "Evolution vs God".

Available via Comfort's website, The Way of the Master (or YouTube or DVD), Comfort's assertive style has interested Christians debating about all types of issues such as apologetics, evangelism and even the place/role of the theory of evolution as valid/erroneous science.

Questions of integrity, honesty and Christian values are certainly being discussed by those unconvinced about the documentary. Others, such as Norman Geisler and James White are very positive indeed about "Evolution vs God".

We have listed a few links which are worth reading ... please read on ...



Another busy month ... and more additions (links) have been added to our 'filing cabinet' style website.

For example, we have linked a very good article on Jesus; brief, but most helpful. It deals with Jesus as an historical person. Please read 'Jesus is… beyond fiction' by Sandy Grant (The Briefing)

For those of you who are interested in the theme of creation/evolution, we have added: EVOLUTION NEWS and VIEWS which helps to keep us informed of the latest in the world of ‘Intelligent Design’.

And then there's the LAZY BIBLE READER for people too busy or just find it hard to read the whole Bible. This site has been created by friends of ‘Christian Faith’.

Please read on for more...


Craig vs Krauss in Sydney. Moderator Rachael Kohn explains her 'discomfort'.

In my recent article 'William Lane Craig v Lawrence Krauss: Sydney' I made a few comments about the role of the moderator, Dr. Rachael Kohn, in the Sydney dialogue. They looked just like this:

"Then followed a dialogue between the two men with the moderator Rachael Kohn at the helm.... I was surprised to see even Craig’s level of frustration as Kohn handed out some ‘yellow cards’ to Krauss as well as his own bewilderment at some of Kohn’s left-field questions which were clearly off topic.

It must be said that both men dealt with Kohn’s momentary difficulties with grace. At one time, it seemed that she was totally lost as to what questions should be asked of whom. Not all her questions were welcomed by the speakers...

At the conclusion of the evening Kohn looked most uncomfortable and I noted a shake of the head which I could only interpret as a measure of disappointed at her own performance on the night. For a brief moment she looked very lonely. (I have invited Rachael Kohn to share her thoughts of the night with us; please watch this space)."

May well we watch this space as Dr. Rachael Kohn has kindly responded to our request for her own impressions of the night. Her comments are not only illuminating but explain why I, like others, 'sensed' at times a genuine 'discomfort' for her 'discomfort'. Please read on ...


William Lane Craig v Lawrence Krauss: Sydney

It's a sell-out!

In the blue corner, weighing in as a finalist (yet again!) in the World Christian Apologetics Team is William Lane Craig. In the red corner, weighing in as the rooky on the 'New Atheist’s' team is Lawrence Krauss

The referee for the match is Rachael Kohn wearing a distinctive coat of many colours. The venue is the regal Sydney Town Hall. The crowd's seeming allegiance to both boxers? I’d guess 50/50.

The final verdict? Depends on which ‘50’ you belong to. Does it really matter? Christians were already committed to creatio ex nihilo before they entered the doors. We just happen to know that God is the Agent of all-that- there-is.

As many of you are aware, William Lane Craig is visiting our shores for a series of meetings. The most relevant public meetings for Craig are his series of dialogues with Lawrence Krauss; a popular science commentator, physicist and populariser of the ‘universe-began-from-nothing’ model which Richard Dawkins seems to have become enamoured with, having previously rejecting it.

After the Brisbane talk, William Lane Craig tweeted "Last night's "dialogue" with Krauss was like gladitorial combat! He even had a buzzer which he was pushing at various times during my speech to register his disapproval and try to disrupt my speaking!" 

Hence, my boxing analogy above!

I attended the Sydney dialogue which was devoted to the topic ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’

The following thoughts are my personal recollections of the night as well as some other opinions from social media. Should you wish to add anything to my observations please present them for publishing via our CONTACTS page.

So, here goes ... please read on...



We have been busy entering brand new links for you within this excellent 'filing cabinet' style website.

Please read on and check out our latest offerings.

For example:

7 Things We Know about Jesus and His Followers from Non-Biblical Sources (Cloud of Witnesses)

Article 'Forgiveness in the Bible and in Pop Psychology' by Jerry Jarman (CRI)

THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL EXPOSED is a website dedicated to exposing this heresy. It has a great collection of videos as well.


William Lane Craig in Australia very soon. Itinerary here!

We are thrilled to inform you that William Lane Craig is about to visit Australia for a series of talks and debates during late July and most of August 2013.

Dr. Craig is one of the world's most accomplished Christian apologists. In fact, he is so effective that Richard Dawkins refuses to debate him.

However, Dawkins' 'New Atheist' friend and colleague, Prof. Lawrence Krauss (popular cosmologist and darling of ABC TV Australia), is prepared to step up to the plate and debate Craig in the 3 major Australian cities.

If you can make it to one of these debates or talks then please do! We, at Christian Faith, think 'Bill' is absolutely fantastic! His breadth of knowledge is stunning and he deals with his opponents with respect, humility and grace. One hopes that the same manner of civility is extended to Craig via the Australian media.

Tickets are now available to the various venues; some are simply public lectures. We will keep adding to this page as events unfold. For example, we have just found out that Dr. Craig will be a panelist on the ABC's Q&A program on Monday, August 5th. [STOP PRESS: This is not going to happen. Please see the ABC Q&A's response to my query regarding this issue at the conclusion of this article].

Please read on for more details including latest itinerary...


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