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The following resources below exist solely for the purposes of research via the NSW HSC Course - Studies of Religion (see disclaimer below).

This course is studied in many Christian Schools; hence its coverage on the 'Christian Faith' website.




Chapter 12: Hinduism depth study (Pearson)




--- Gandhi: HSC text

HSC Studies of Religion page 3 (Noble et al)


---- Gandhi: Websites

The Philosophy of Gandhi and Hinduism (Hinduism Beliefs)

Mohandas 'Mahatma' Gandhi (BBC)

Mahatma Gandhi Information Website

The Hindu Beliefs That Shaped Gandhi (Opposing Views)


--- Gandhi: Multimedia

Famous Speeches of Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi Information Website)

'Mohandas Gandhi Address' at Kingsley Hall; delivered 17 October 1931, London. (American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank). Includes speech transcript and sound (the real Gandhi!)

Mr. Gandhi Advocates Policy of Nonviolence (American Rhetoric Movie Speeches). Includes movie transcript and sound.

Mohandas K. Gandhi Addresses Indian National Congress (American Rhetoric Movie Speeches). Includes movie transcript, video and sound.

Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi Address the People of India (American Rhetoric Movie Speeches). Includes movie transcript, video and sound.

Mohandas K. Gandhi Tells British Authorities To Leave India (American Rhetoric Movie Speeches). Includes movie transcript and sound.

'Gandhi' full movie (1982) 480p





---- ETHICS: Sources

Ethics in Religion

Ethics in Religion (Academic Kids)

Hindu Ethics

Book Excerpt: Hindu Ethics (pdf 20 pages)




Hinduism: beliefs about love and sex (BBC)

Sexuality: Hindu - Hinduism Dictionary on Sexuality

Sexuality and Hinduism

Sexuality and Hinduism (V.K.Aery)


Adultery: Hinduism and Adultery

Birth Control - Contraception: BBC; Hinduism and Birth Control; Contraception and Abortion

Celibacy: Celibrate

Gender: Gender and Sexuality

Homosexuality: What is Hinduism's stand on homosexuality? (Yahoo Answers);

Homosexuality and Hinduism

Marriage: Hindu Marriages Purpose and Significance

Pre-marital sex: Hinduism and pre-marital relationships; Hinduism : Sex before Marriage?

Prostitution: Hinduism and Prostitution; 'Sacred Prostitution'

Widows: 'From hell to the sun and the moon' by Amrit Dhillon (Source: SMH)

The following movie, 'WATER', written and directed by Deepa Mehta, is about widows in India:






Tirtha explained: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions

Overview and further information on the left of their site (Heart of Hinduism)

Hindu Pilgrimages and the Kumbh Mela (Facts and Details)

Purpose and Benefits of Pilgrimage by Stephen Knapp (About.Com)

The following essay addresses that of the Hindu pilgrimage as to why pilgrimage is an important aspect of Hindu religion? (Novelguide)

Kumbh Mela:

                     VIDEO: Hindus gather for Kumbh Mela pilgrimage (YouTube)

                     An Extra Report on Kumbha Mela, 2001 by Stephen Knapp (Stephen Knapp)




Ravi Zacharias was born a Hindu - into the highest caste in Hinduism. He is regarded as the most effective apologist for the Christian Faith in universities around the world.


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