About Lookout


Lookout grew out of Concerned Christians Growth Ministries, an organisation involving actively committed Christians, from varying church backgrounds and persuasions. The major concern of the Ministry is to encourage, and enable people to grow in maturity of understanding and discernment that will allow them to make informed faith choices and decisions without any emotional manipulation. We desire to see people develop sufficient awareness so that they be able to appropriately evaluate religious propaganda and avoid being deceived by the subtle seduction of any cults, the occult, or extreme Christian fringe groups.

Ultimately it would be our hope that those seeking God and truth may find their search fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. We believe him (rather than any one Christian group or denomination) to be the only real alternative to leader-dominated churches, cults, sects or fringe groups, or the promise of power through occult involvement. Jesus declared that those who followed him and his teaching would find the truth, and that truth would set them free. He also stated that when he (the Son) sets a person free, that person will be truly free (John 3:31-36). Jesus never manipulated or intimidated people into following him. He gave them the choice, and allowed them the freedom to follow him, or reject him. We believe people must be free, and not under any form of pressure, to make their faith choice - be it in choosing to follow Jesus or making any other religious choice.

Therefore, LOOKOUT seeks to provide:

Helpful and accurate information, enabling people to understand possible issues relating to involvement with cultic groups and other contemporary religious movements - in order to avoid confusion and alienation, and to enable informed help to be given to others.

Encouragement for those trying to leave, or who have left, any cultic groups - and also for the families and relatives of cultic group members, seeking reconciliation for all, wherever possible.

Resources in the form of articles that are accurate and helpful - both from actual primary contemporary religious movements sources, as well as critical assessments of such groups.

Articles that contrast cultic beliefs with the truths of the Christian Faith, and presenting the true Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

LOOKOUT represents the ministry of Adrian van Leen and Lookout Ministries Inc. and therefore remains the intellectual property/copyright of Adrian van Leen and Lookout Ministries Inc.