Another theme park? - Von Daniken

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Another theme park?

Have you ever wondered what happened to von Daniken? Who? Don’t you remember the guy who ran around the world holding seminars to promote his books and notions of alien influences and achievements on earth? No, not Rael of the cloning con fame (infamy).

Erich von Daniken attracted a huge popular readership around the world for his fantastic alien interpretations of wonders of the ancient world.

From ancient European cave art to Aboriginal cave paintings and rock art in the North of Western Australia; from Mayan rock engravings and tomb decorations to the Peruvian Nasca lines; from Stonehenge to Easter Island heads — all (and much more) were proof, for von Daniken’s fertile and imaginative mind, of alien visitations.

Ignoring scientists and other scholars — from archaeologists and anthropologists to biologists and mathematicians — von Daniken wove his fantasies with fact and fiction — reading into evidence what he wanted to see rather than what was really there (after all the dull truth never sells as well as imaginative pseudo-science).

After exposure by scholars and others, plus time spent in prison for tax evasion, von Daniken virtually faded away. But in this age of virtual reality almost anything can happen. Now Eric von Daniken, author of: Chariots of the Gods, has re-emerged to open a Swiss alien heritage theme park.

Von Daniken’s Mystery Park comes complete with re-creations of ancient extra-terrestrial works and wonders such as: the Pyramids of Egypt, South American Mayan temples, Stonehenge, and other ’great alien works’. If you’re interested in truth, history or science — save your money! It will cost others about Aus$45 to enter the Mystery Park in its magnificent Swiss alpine setting. And that’s just the entrance fees. On top of that is the cost of travel and accommodation to and in Switzerland.

While von Daniken promises: ’We will show the greatest mysteries in the world, but we will give no answers’, it seems that at least two earthly capitalist companies recognised some earthly dividends in supporting the spin doctor of alien visitations. Coca Cola and Swatch are amongst those who have backed von Daniken’s old fantasies in new virtual reality.

(From TACL Vol 24 #2 March/May 2003)