Reading Recommendations

Behind Closed Doors. This book tells the story of the author’s life as part of the Exclusive Brethren and her deliverance from this group.

The Mormon Message Examined, by Adrian van Leen, examines the claims and doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The New Age Spirituality Examined, by Adrian van Leen, looks at New Age spirituality — its beliefs and practices

The Disease of the Health and Wealth Gospel, by Gordon Fee, examines the claims and doctrines of &‘health and wealth’ popular amongst some Christians today

Josh McDowell’s, More than a Carpenter


Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code Examined - Part 1 - confirms that, in spite of suggestions to the contrary, Judge Peter Smith was right in stating that Dan Brown was not a thorough researcher for his Da Vinci Code book. Written by Lookout Ministries’ Director, Adrian van Leen, it provides clear evidence that Dan Brown’s book is full of careless errors. With supportive evidence, including numerous links to Internet websites, readers are left with a couple of questions by the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright and the Dean of King’s College, Richard Burridge:

‘If Brown is so careless, and carelessly inventive, in details as easy to check as those, why should we trust him in anything else?’

‘Brown is plausible but wrong…This lack of accurate research — especially in light of his accuracy claim — poses a fundamental question: if Brown can’t be trusted on matters of fact, can he be trusted on matters of faith?’

The evidence speaks loudly for itself - with a definitive and resounding: ‘NO!’

Have you read this Book?