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Whatever Happened to Carol Balizet and her ’Home in Zion Ministries’??

In our May-July 2001 TACL we wrote:

On Tuesday 1st May, 2001, a 31-year-old mother-of-five died in Perth, Western Australia, following the birth of her fifth child three weeks earlier. She and her husband had espoused the teachings of Carol Balizet, a self-proclaimed authority on medical issues and biblical interpretation.


Born in Dalton, Georgia, U.S.A., in 1933, the near-seventy-year-old now [in 2001] lives in Tampa, Florida. A former nurse, Balizet has exercised a disturbing and dangerous influence over many young families in America, Australia, and elsewhere.

The dangers are evident in her extreme and bizarre teachings and biblical distortions, and in deaths attributed to her influence - including the death of the young Western Australian mother.

This was the beginning of a three-part series of articles looking into the bizarre teachings and damaging influence of the former nurse, Carol Balizet (TACLs May-July 2001; Aug-Sep 2001; Jan 2002). The impact of her teachings had been disastrous, with resulting deaths in a number of countries, amongst those who took her teachings as ‘Gospel Truth’ - which they certainly were NOT.

What has happened to Carol Balizet since?

By the time our last article was published in January 2002 Carol Balizet had, apparently, already stopped writing anything new and was beginning to lose her influence. Members of her own family, who had been deeply influenced by her beliefs and teachings, began to slowly move towards more mainstream acceptance of community health, childbirth and other things Carol had taught them to reject, though some still have a preference for treating medical problems with prayer, before taking medication.

Carol was suffering from hip problems and had almost constant pain for years. She regarded the pain as part of God’s displeasure and a sign of sin or failure on her part. As pain progressed, she began to rely more and more on a walking frame. As she began to decline further in health and self-care, her family encouraged her to have a hip replacement operation, and in 2007 she underwent surgery. She was not ‘cursed’ - as a result of ‘being offered on the altar (operating table) as a sacrifice by Satan’s priests (doctors/surgeons) in their priestly robes (medical theatre garments/outfits)’. Instead, she found relief from pain and greater freedom in mobility. Quite some time prior to the 2007 hip replacement operation, Carol had suffered a stroke, while driving. Sadly, she had also begun to show mental deterioration. Following her 2007 surgery she developed complications and a severe infection, requiring further medical care, during which time it was determined that she also had Alzheimer’s. This has continued to develop and she is now being cared for in a nursing home in Denver, Colorado.

Her Home In Zion Ministries, and its website, collapsed and closed years ago. While there are still some websites, and booksellers, selling her materials, we can only hope and pray that her fading influence will die out all together.

(TACL - Mar-Apr 2009 Vol. 30 No. 2)