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Extensive Articles

Articles in the LOOKOUT section of this website span a number of decades and are re-published on behalf of Adrian van Leen for research purposes. Original dates are being added to articles so as to place them in their correct historical setting(s). Adrian has endeavoured to be as fair and accurate as possible at the time of the original writing, but please note that the original article information may no longer reflect the subsequent or current actions, values, beliefs, positions, opinions, teachings or policies held by individuals, groups and/or organisations referred to in the original published article at the time of writing. As people change and move on, the same often applies to related Internet links; some links referred to in articles may have been changed or may no longer be available online.

LOOKOUT represents the ministry of Adrian van Leen and Lookout Ministries Inc. and therefore remains the intellectual property/copyright of Adrian van Leen and Lookout Ministries Inc.



Africa Interests

TO HEAVEN and HELL and BACK? Emmanuel Twagirimana (08/2010)

Would you believe? - Gilbert Juma Deya (10/2009)

What An Act - Bernard Percy Ankomah alias Bernard Blessing (07/2009)

The Nigerian Scam (02/2009)

God lives in Kenya - William Jehovah Wanyoni (11/2008)



Take a Closer Look: Alternatives (03/2002)


Alternative Healing

Is There a Doctor in the House? - Spiritual Surgery (09/2003)

Reflexology - What is it? (03/ 2002)

Applied Kinesiology (01/2002)

Alternative healing approaches

John of God - Joao De Deus... Miracle Healer?


Alternative Sacred Writings

Alternative Sacred Writings vs The Bible

The Book of Jasher? - CCGM Tract


Armstrong, Herbert, W. Groups (WWCG break-away groups)


Living Church of God

The Living Church of God - CCGM Tract


Philadelphia Church of God

Philadelphia Church of God - CCGM Tract



An Atheist in Chapel - Ayaan Hirsi Ali PertH Visit (see also Islam) (10/2010)

Decade in Review (02/2010)



Bahai’s - Who really are they? What do they believe? (12/1996)

The Virtues Project (12/1996)


Balizet, Carol

Carol Balizet - update (04/2009)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



What does "Alethia" mean? - Online "Bible College" (04/2011)

Subtle Dangers (07/2003)

The Christadelphians - CCGM Tract


Christian Fringe Groups

Cult to Church Major Shift: Decade in Review (02/2010)

In God we trust? (09/2008)

Questionable Christian Fellowship (07/2008)

Sin In The Camp (10/2006)

Alienation or Reconciliation (06/2004)

Trials Are Over - The Attleboro group (06/2004)

The Right Time - Anti-Xmas ideologies (12 2003)

Theophostic: God’s Light or Satan’s Lie? (09/2003)

Balanced Growth (07/2002)


Christian General

Called to Integrity (01/2012)

The Power of One (09/2011)

The Search is on - for faithful Pastors (07/2011)

400th Anniversary of Bible Version (04/2011)

A Visiting Voice in the Wilderness: Bishop Michael Nazir Ali (12/2010)

"Jesus is the Reason for the Season" (12/2010)

Life’s Complexities (10/2010)

Almost 6,000 pastors take a serious pledge (04/2009)

The Dark Page (03/2009)

The world's most pervasive cult (07/2008)

Communication & the Gospel Message: "In Many and Various Ways" (07/2007)

Sacred Australia? Part 2: "The Dutch Connection" (05/2006)

Sacred Australia? (02/2006)

Sex in the City… What About the Church (11/2005)

No Other Gods (06/2005)

Easter Delight (04/2005)

Jesus Christ - Still the reason for the season (12/2004)

Christ Causes Controversy (05/2004)

Where are we going? Our need for sound Christian Leaders (02/2004)

Get your mind into gear (10/2003)

Leadership Essentials (09/2003)

The times, they are still a-changin’ (07/2003)

God Weeps Too (02/2003)

The Balanced Perspective of a Wise Man (George Washington Carver) (03/2002)

Informed, Thoughtful, Fair and Honest? (08/2000)

The passionate few are fewer (05/2000)

What will you leave behind? (Arthur Stace) (03/2000)

It does matter what you believe! (06/1997)

Worth Considering: Concerning our Traditional Christian Festivals


Christian Science

Basic Facts on Christian Science - CCGM Tract


Clergy Abuse

Part 1 - History and Biblical

Part 2 - Perspective’s on the problem

Part 3 - Catholic Church in crisis

Part 4 - High cost of compensation

Part 5 - What can WE do?


Conspiracy Theories

Who is conspiring to con us with conspiracies?


Cooneyites/ Nameless Church

Meetings of the no-names (02/2009)

Two by Two Equals DANGER - Cooneyites - CCGM Tract


Cults General

Where is Jesus? - Alan John Miller & "Divine Truth" (09/2011)

Decade in Review: Internet Impact (05/2010)

Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments: A decade in Review (02/2010)

The Dangers Cults pose through the World-Wide-Web (11/2008)

David McKay - In Trouble Again (09/2005)

Back in court - Little Pebble still in BIG Trouble (06/2005)

Berean Hope? JW break-away group (05/2004)

Elizabeth Smart Escapes Kidnapper (05/2003)

God’s army disbanded (04/2002)

Freaked out on veggies? - Union of the Vegetable (03/2002)

The nature of cults (09/1998)

Why such True Believers? (06/1997)

Travellers Beware - A guide to safeguard travelling young people from the lure of cults (12/1992)

How to help loved ones caught in a cult or fringe group - CCGM Tract

The post-trauma after leaving a cult - CCGM Tract


Decade in Review (2000 - 2010)

A review of the issues and events in the world of cults and religion


Doomsday Beliefs/ Endtimes & Prophecies

We’re Still Here (11/2011)

Harold Camping: The End is Coming? (02/2011)

A decade in Review of "Doomsday Madness" (02/2010)

The End Postponed…AGAIN! (12/2003)

War, peace and the end?

Wrong Again!! (05/2003)


Exclusive Brethren (see also Christian Fringe Groups)

Exclusive Brethren Settle Out of Court (08/2004)

Exclusive brethren leader John Hales dies (04/2002)

How Narrow can you get? (06/1990)


Falun Gong

Take a Closer Look at Falun Gong (09/2006)


Family, The (Children of God)

What’s in a Name (12/2010)



Masonic Church of Scotland? (07/2003)

Is Freemasonary Compatible with Christianity? - CCGM Tract



Sabaean Mandeans


Hare Krishna Movement

Search for sexually abused (05/2003)

Iskcon - Beatle confusion (02/2002)


Hoaxes and Fraud

Don’t You Believe it: Xmas Tree Hoax (02/2011)

The subtle seduction of stories (07/2009)

Don’t you Believe It (02/2009)

Old Hoax Recycled - Focus On The Family - Petition (09/2005)

400 Saved hoax/urban legend (04/2005)

Thai artefact a hoax (04/2005)

Fake autobiography about an honour killing (11/2004)

Resurrected Burmese Monk Story Revisited (07/2004)

The tale of the resurrected monk

Movie hoax resurfaces again (03/2002)

Taliban and September 11 related hoaxes (01/2002)

Scroll a forgery? Insight into Mormonism (05/2001)

A Little Girl Dying Hoax (04/2001)

It Takes Guts to Say Jesus (12/2000)

The O’hare radio hoax (10/2000)

Blasphemous Movie? (07/2000)

Chain prayer!?? Lucky Charm? (07/2000)

Missionary murderer? (05/2000)

Finger lickin’ chicken monsters - The KFC Hoax (03/2000)

Proctor and Gamble again! (12/1999)

Affinity/Ponzi Fraud

Have a laugh with us


International Church of Christ (Boston Church)

In court with the International Church of Christ (08/1997)



Bridge to Disaster: The tragic murder of Aasiya Zubair Hassan & the Bridge TV Link(02/2011)

Decade in Review: Muslim Extremists (02/2010)

Islamic Furore (02/2006)

A Battle for Minds (11/2004)


Jehovah’s Witnesses

Fear, Labelling & Shunning (12/2011)

Active JWS (04/2011)

Decade in Review (02/2010)

Jehovah’s witnesses - Milton George Henschel dies (05/2003)

A Faith of Fear" (07/1981)

Jehovah’s Witnesses Fact Sheet? - CCGM Tract


Jonestown Tragedy (Jim Jones)

Jonestown not Forgotten (12/2011)

Forgotten History/Remembered (12/2003)



Farming With a Difference - Lubavitcher Jews (07/2003)


Mind Coercion

The Battle For The Mind Continues (09/2005)

The Cult of Personality (08/2004)

Almost everyone is vulnerable to religious deception - CCGM Tract

Programmed For Gullibility?


Moonies - The Unification Church

Is the moon feeling blue? (03/2002)



Decade in Review (05/2010)

Latter Day Saints & the book of Mormon (11/2008)

Fact and fiction confusion (06/2005)

Mormonism - Damaged by DNA (10/2003)

Why Mormonism is not Christian. (1997)

Basic Facts on Mormonism - CCGM Tract


New Age

Compassion Project? (07/2011)

Lord of the Flies Attracts Followers (10/2010)

The Supreme Master Ching Hai - "Religious Showbiz Guru of Glitz (11/2007)

Take a Closer Look: Reincarnation (TACL article & CCGM Tract) (05/2004)

Didn’t See It Coming - Psychics (12/2003)

Help from the Other Side? (09/2003)

Feng Shui - The subtle invasion (04/2002)

The Buried Bacon myth

Astral Travel - CCGM Tract

Take a Closer Look at Eckankar - CCGM Tract

The Successful Subtle Softsell of Raja Yoga - CCGM Tract


Occult, The

Deadly Mixture (note* strong content) (02/2011)

Take a Closer Look: The Occult - CCGM Tract (2005)

Ghosts? Who’re You Going to Call? (07/2003)

Spiritualism or Spiritism? (08/2000)

Youthful satanists & witches (03/2000)

The Occult (A description) - CCGM Tract

Wicca (White Witchcraft)

Basic Report: The Enneagram - CCGM Tract

Halloween. What is it all about? - CCGM Tract


Orange People

Remember seeing Orange? (11/2005)


Pentecostalism/ Charismatic - Extremes & Excesses

What, in God’s name, is going on? (09/2008)

The Toronoto Phenomenon (04/1995)


Racism/ Neo Nazism & Far Right Groups

Return of the Swastika: The Growth of neo-Nazism in Russia (12/2010)

WA Racial & Religious Vilification Laws (09/2004)


Raelian Movement

The Raelian Movement - CCGM Tract (2005)

Alien Cloning Clowns? (02/2003)


Revival Centres

Revival centres - CCGM Tract


Roman Catholic

Minting a Mistake - Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first ever Saint? (10/2010)

Catholic Community Collapses (07/2008)



AMORC (also known as ‘The Rosicrucian Order’.)


Russian Interests

Walking Together (07/2003)


Russian Orthodox Church

Saint Rasputin? (07/2003)


Sai Baba

Failed Godman (04/2011)

Sai Baba - Trying to shine in schools

Take a Closer Look at Sai Baba? - CCGM Tract



Relgious Bullies (07/2011)

What Price Happiness? (04/2011)

A Review of the last Decade (02/2010)

Scientology Stirred (07/2007)


Self-Help & Popular Motivational Speakers

Is Oprah Winfrey the modern Buddha? (08/2000)


Seventh Day Adventists

Busy Extremists Crash Church Together Meeting (07/2003)



The Sad Saga of Two Pentecostal Pauls (06/2005)

Rodney Howard-Browne Continuing Controversy (10/2003)


Transcedental Meditation

TM & the Maharishi’s money games (07/2002)



Another theme park? - Von Daniken (05/2003)


Yezidism - Peacock Followers

New Freedom for Peacock Followers? (07/2003)



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LOOKOUT represents the ministry of Adrian van Leen and Lookout Ministries Inc. and therefore remains the intellectual property/copyright of Adrian van Leen and Lookout Ministries Inc.