Meetings of the no-names

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How can a group, that claims to have no name, conduct meetings in different parts of the world? Simple, really - by not telling the truth.  The ‘nameless’ group actually has a legal name for property holdings, bank accounts, and more - that name is: The Christian Convention Church. Many of its members are unaware of this name, and simply know it as: ‘The Truth’ and ‘The Way’. Outsiders know them by a variety of nicknames, including the: Two-by-Twos, No-Names, Secret Sect, Cooneyites, and more.

Most members believe their ‘church’ is directly descended from the original New Testament Apostles.  They are unaware that this group was started by Scotsman William Irvine in about 1897.  Edward Cooney joined him in Ireland in 1901 and became his associate and a major leader within Irvine’s movement - which focused on holding regular conventions (and still do, hence the official name: The Christian Convention Church).

2009 Cooneyite conventions were held in Australia in January:  2 Conventions held in Maroota, New South Wales; and 1 each in Launceston, Tasmania and Colac, Victoria.  Other conventions were held in other countries through January and into February: 1 in New Zealand; 1 in Sri Lanka; 2 in India; 2 in the Caribbean; 4 in Colombia; 4 in Uruguay; 5 in Venezuela; 9 in Argentina; 32 in Brazil (between the end of January and the coming end of March). (Between the beginning of January and the end of March 2009 the ‘nameless’ Cooneyites will have had 65 conventions in various parts of the world - especially in South America.)

One former member revealed something of his life as a youth, on the Internet:

‘The conflicts I had were about being too spiritual for the real world, and too worldly for the spiritual world.  I felt like an outcast from both worlds… I feel many of the children were socially and politically stunted. I didn’t know how to deal with girls or school work, (these things were not important), and I had no clue about politics or current events.’

For more information about the Two by Twos/Cooneyites contact our offices for the brochure on this group.

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(First published in TAKE A CLOSER LOOK, Vol. 30   No. 1; Jan-Feb 2009)