Movie hoax resurfaces again

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Movie hoax resurfaces again

In our June-July TACL 2000 (pp.14-15) we reported on the ‘Blasphemous Movie’ hoax:

Referendum concerning blasphemy of Jesus I can’t believe it.

There is a movie that is coming out in 2001 claiming that both Jesus and his disciples were gay! There is already a play that went on for a while!

This hoax email chain letter has reappeared with some updated variations, and the movie now has a name! (BUT it’s STILL a HOAX!!) Unfortunately this IS as someone suggested, ‘Another of those petitions which don’t do much other than clog the system’. It is a slight updated variation of an earlier hoax that has been circulating and causing unnecessary consternation and concern for Christians around the globe since the ‘homosexual Jesus film’ petition first began to circulate in 1984:


Dear all

A movie that is coming out in 2002 claiming that both Jesus and his disciples were gay. There is already a play that went on for a while. The play and movie are titled “Corpus Christi” which is Latin and translates to Body of Christ”. This is sickening and revolting to all true believers! We can all do something! Please send this to ALL of your friends to sign to stop the movie from showing in America. Already certain areas in Europe have started to ban it from coming to their country and we can Stop it too! We just need a lot of signatures, and you can help! Please do not delete this! Jesus said, “Deny Me before men and I will deny you before the Father.” Show respect for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died for us! Please help!

PLEASE SIGN AND SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN BAN THIS! (Note this works better if you copy it and paste instead of pushing the “Forward” button) Bob Rogers.
IMPORTANT: Once 500 have signed, kindly mail to

PLEASE advise any friends you know who may have received this email about it being a hoax and suggest that they READ our article in TACL (June-July 2000, pp.14-15) OR check our website. Follow the links:- Articles; Don’t You believe it - Conspiracies, Cons, Hoaxes, then click on: Blasphemous Movie? (That way other hoaxes can also be noted!) - what we stated then is still relevant.  Or you can get there by clicking here.

A well respected and researched site dealing with hoaxes, ‘urban legends’ and other email misrepresentations is: under its section labelled: Religion click on and open the highlighted section: homosexual.

Or go directly to: - this site gives some helpful guidelines about chain letters and things to look out for - it also has numerous helpful links to other sites.

Hoaxbusters is another helpful site worth checking, including their list of links to further sites:

Please check this out carefully and then notify all your friends NOT to forward this hoax on to others.

(From TACL Vol 23 #2 Feb/March 2002)