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Part 4 - High cost of compensation

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Suffer the little children Part 4


Hundreds of thousands of dollars has been paid out quietly over the years by various church groups, especially the Roman Catholic Church, to victims and alleged victims of abuse by pastors, priests and members of religious orders. Many of the past payments were made on agreement of silence by the victim, with no acknowledgment of the truth of allegations or discipline/punishment of the perpetrators. In some ways, the payments were often made to help sweep the problem under the carpet. That is no longer the case.

Chris Bullock: In the United States alone, 2,000 Catholic priests have been disgraced because of their abusing behaviour, and in Ireland, where the Catholic church has already promised more than $200-million in compensation for victims, there is now to be a State inquiry. In Australia, more than 100 clergy from the Catholic and Anglican churches have been convicted of child sexual abuse in the past five years.

The Anglican Primate of Australia has acknowledged that compensation claims could bankrupt churches in Australia, just as they have done in Canada.

Peter Carnley: It’s certainly thinkable. And the diocese of Caribou in Canada, actually went out of existence; it had to just close down because it had no resources any more, it had to pay them all away. So I think if that can happen somewhere, it can happen here as well. If the church were to be hit with a lot of legal cases and it just didn’t have the money to finance them, then I think there would be no alternative than to go bust.

Chris Bullock: The Anglican Archbishop of Perth and the head of the Church in Australia, Peter Carnley

In Queensland the Anglican church is facing a financial battering, with dozens of abuse victims suing the church, most of them former students at Anglican schools. There was an alarming precedent for the church at the end of last year, when one former student of the Toowoomba Prep School was awarded $830,000 in damages. And now the Anglican Boys Grammar School in Brisbane is contacting all 20,000 past and present students, asking if they were ever abused.’

(ABC Background Briefing, Produced by Chris Bullock Sunday 14 April 2002)


Chris Bullock: Dr Gerardine Taylor, speaking in her office at Encompass, where she’s the Clinical Director of an Assessment and Treatment Centre for Sex Offenders. Encompass was set up four years ago by the Catholic church in Australia, as part of a system to deal with child sexual abuse.

The commonly used term, paedophile, is a slippery one. It can have different meanings, depending on whether it’s used in a medical, or legal or media context. From Greek, meaning ’love of a child’, it refers to a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Sexual attraction to post-pubescent children, teenagers, is called Ephebophilia, meaning ’love of a youth’. But commonly paedophile is used to describe anyone who repeatedly sexually abuses a minor.

These days paedophilia is considered a psychiatric disorder and treating it is difficult, because you have to convince paedophiles to manage their sexual fantasies.

Gerardine Taylor: Paedophilia, like all paraphilias, is not curable. It’s a little bit like diabetes. Once you’re diagnosed as diabetic, the only way that you can live a healthy and productive lifestyle is to take your insulin at regular intervals, to eat regular meals and to have a healthy diet and exercise. With the paedophile, they will always be sexually aroused by children, so it’s important that they understand that that is a fact that for the rest of their life they will notice children, they will be around children even if it’s at a distance, and that they need to learn to manage their fantasies and manage their behaviour so that there are no more victims.’

(ABC Background Briefing, Produced by Chris Bullock Sunday 14 April 2002)


In June 2002 the Roman Catholic Church officially issued a decree rejecting the Nowra, New South Wales’ based Order of St Charbel. After four years of investigation, involving the Vatican, the Catholic Bishop of Wollongong, Peter Ingham, issued a formal and Vatican sanctioned decree against self-proclaimed visionary, prophet and future Pope, William Kamm, and his various groups of supporters.

Kamm, born 16th May 1950 in West Germany, claimed to have begun having visions in 1968. A few years later he started his ’Marian Work of Atonement’ based in Nowra. He claimed to receive visions and messages from the Virgin Mary, God, Jesus Christ, Noah, Adam and many apparently heavenly beings. He claimed that he received the name, ’Little Pebble’ in the early 1980s. He has used several other names for himself, and particularly for his ’work’ and group of followers, including: Our Lady of the Ark; Mary Our Mother Help of Christians; Order of St Charbel.

He claimed his work was a legitimate expression of faith within the Roman Catholic Church, and his followers were mostly devout fellow Roman Catholics. Kamm claimed that the Virgin Mary had suspended the normal laws of sexual morality and adultery - for him but apparently not for the general populace — and he fathered children through his defacto, Bettina, while still married to his wife, Anne — whom he divorced in 1997 — and also had sex with several other women and girls. He claimed that God himself gave him a revelation showing Kamm ’his role was the New ’Little Abraham’ - called to lead the Remnant Church and take unto himself more wives for the future generations to come in the Plan of God, through the various missions of the 12 Queens and Princesses. This revelation caused even more division and confusion amongst…, his followers and lost him some support. But some good Catholic mothers allowed Kamm to father children through their daughters as his ’queens and princesses’!

The Wollongong Bishop’s decree has declared that ’Kamm’s assertions, teachings and actions are dangerous and harmful’ and that ’his activities [are] in clear contradiction to the teachings, discipline and authority of the Catholic church.’

It called on him to close his ’Order’ and cease all activities, and called all those claiming to be Catholics to cease following Kamm and return to the Roman Catholic Church. Kamm was declared a false prophet.

Kamm has a long track record of false and failed prophecies — his own website even acknowledges that most of his prophecies have not come true - see:

That was in June 2002.

In August 2002 William Kamm was arrested on charges of child sex abuse. His claimed revelations from God to father children through his queens and princesses have apparently not been good enough for the law! Kamm faced nine counts of sexual abuse against girls 14 and 15 at the time of the offences. They were living in Kamm’s community with their parents — who were ardent followers.

Kamm, 52, was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and inciting an act of indecency against the 14-year-old, and with one count of aggravated sexual assault and four counts of aggravated indecent assault against the 15-year-old. One of Kamm’s closest long-term senior disciples, James Duffy, 73, was charged with the aggravated indecent assault of a sister of one of the girls, then aged 13. Following the charges the two men were bailed for later court appearances. The cases will continue for some time to come. Police also found weapons and ammunition at the community but did not lay any immediate charges regarding that find.


In May 2002 a team of more than 100 FBI agents and various local officers raided the compound of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors on a 162ha ranch in a remote area of Putnam County, about 113km south of Atlanta in the USA State Georgia. They arrested Dwight York, the leader of the group, as well as four close female followers of York.

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is a predominantly black group that had its beginning in the late 1960s — early 1970s — as the Ansaru Allah Community, which was supposedly an orthodox Muslim community of mostly black Americans following basic Islamic ideology, costume and religious practices. It was started in Brooklyn, New York, some years after Dwight York, then 19, spent three years in a New York state prison following his conviction of assault, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

He proved always to have been a manipulative controlling charismatic leader, and attracted black American followers with his mixture of Islam, black supremacy and white hatred teachings. Later also came the promise of salvation for a select 144,000, whom he would choose.
York’s Ansaru Allah group came under FBI scrutiny, and was also examined carefully by Muslims, including Muslim scholar, Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. Philips, now a teacher in the United Arab Emirates, wrote a book on York’s group entitled ’The Ansar Cult’ in which he described Ansaru Allah as an ’heretic, pseudo-Muslim sect.’ The book included a Muslim cleric’s decree that no true Muslim should be associated with the Ansaru Allah group. It wasn’t long before York dropped all Muslim religious practices and costumes and moved to Georgia. Here Dwight York and his group adopted supposed ancient Egyptian practice and clothing, and decorated their ranch/farm with Egyptian-style pyramids, obelisks and statues.

Over the years York has given himself various names and aliases, including: ’The Supreme Grand Hierophant: Amun Nebu Re,’ Akhtah Isa Abdullah, Isa Muhammad, Imam Isa, Imam Isa Abu-Bakr, Imam Isa Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi, Rabboni, Yashuah, Melchisedek, Yanuwn, Nayya, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Chief Black Eagle, the Lamb and Baba [’Isa’ is the Islamic name for ’Jesus’].

He has also been referred to as the group’s saviour or god, and as an extraterrestrial from the supposed planet ’Rizq.’

He has called his followers/group by various names as well, including: Nubian Islamic Hebrews, Ansar Pure Sufi, Nubians, Ansaru Allah Community, Washitaw Tribe, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Lodge 19 of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek and, more recently apparently, the Holy Seed Baptist Synagogue.

But the name changing wasn’t the reason for the massive May police raid on his community’s compound, and simultaneously on his $525,000 mansion in Athens, Clarke County, where FBI agents turned up some $125,000 in cash.

York was charged by Federal agents on four federal counts involving sexual the exploitation of minors who were specifically transported across state borders for his sexual gratification. He was also charged under state laws with 74 counts of child molestation, 29 counts of aggravated child molestation and related charges, including one count of rape involving five alleged victims, both male and female.

For years York had been using his position and power to sexually abuse girls and boys, some aged 4, 6, 8 through to late-teens. Sexual gratification and money were the two driving forces behind this black cult leader. He slept with whomever he chose, but husbands and wives in the community were not allowed to sleep with each other without York’s permission. He mixed and mated men and women as he saw fit, determining when and where they could have sexual relations, according witnesses. But he was particularly perverse when it came to children often photographing or videoing them during sexual activities. Witnesses have reported that York sexually abused between at least 30 to 35 children — some of them continuously for several years. Witnesses have also claimed that York has fathered more than 100 children over the years as leader of between 100 to 200 followers.

The catalogue of child abuse activities carried out by this man is horrendous and sickening.

A number of the 50 or so children at the community’s compound were taken into protective custody. Sadly four have been found to have sexually transmitted diseases.

Charged along with York have been his defacto, Kathy Johnson and three other women: Nuwaubian members Chandra Lampkin, Kadijah Merritt and Esther/Istiyr Cole - all charged with child molestation and/or aggravated child molestation.

The five - York, Johnson and the other three women - if convicted, could face, 30 years imprisonment on each count of aggravated child molestation and 20 years on each count of child molestation. The women were charged with participating with York in the sexual activities when they occurred. The cases are proceeding.

One of the local officials said he had ’never been involved in a child molestation case where so many people have come forward.’ Those who came forward to testify against him included a son and daughter of York.

(From TACL Vol 23 #5 2002)

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