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Proctor and Gamble again!

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Proctor and Gamble again!

Rick was an active, enthusiastic Christian and church member. Some would call him zealous. He was certainly keen to promote Jesus Christ, and to give no ground whatever to Satan. As a young businessman involved in the IT (information Technology) industry, he did his best to keep up with what was going on in the world, and used every opportunity (carefully and sensitively) to promote relationships that encouraged an openness to Jesus Christ.

When an acquaintance sent him an email about Proctor and Gamble he was most concerned. The blatant claims of Satanists promoting themselves openly on American TV shows angered him. He noticed that the email had gone out to many others besides himself, and wondered if anyone had done anything about it. He downloaded his large favourite mailing list and was about to send a copy of the Proctor and Gamble email to all his friends and acquaintances. Then he decided he had better check it out first, rather than just thoughtlessly passing it on to others.

He was glad he did!

For some time now Christians from a variety of denominations (Assembly of God, Baptist, Churches of Christ, Salvation Army, and others…) have been forwarding emails claiming that:

’The President of Proctor & Gamble appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show [previous claims state it was the: ’Phil Donahue TV Show’ & ’Merv Griffin Show’] on Monday, July 19, 1999 [ S Jesse Raphael Show ’March, 1998’ {early 1999}; Merv Griffin Show ’recently’ {1982 & 1984}; Phil Donahue ’recently’ {during mid to late 1980s}, March 1, 1990 {during 1990s}]. He announced that "due to the openness of our society", he was coming out of the closet about his association with the church of Satan. He stated that a large portion of his profits from Proctor & Gamble products goes to support this satanic church [’goes to the Church of Satan, also known as the Devil’s Church’ {1984}]. When asked by Sally Jesse [by Mr Donahue] if stating this on TV would hurt his business, he replied: "There are not enough Christians in the world [’Christians in the United States’ {1980s} ] to make a difference." On a previous Jemmy Jones show, the owner of Proctor & Gamble said that if Satan would prosper him, he would give his heart and soul to him. Then he gave Satan credit for his riches.’ [’Recently, on the Merv Griffin Show, a group of cultists were featured, among them the owner of Procter & Gamble Corp. He said that as long as the gays and other cults have come out of the closet, he was doing the same. He said that he had told Satan that if he (Satan) would help him prosper then he would give his heart and soul to him when he died. He gave Satan all the credit for his riches.’ {1984}]

Many people have been receiving an email, such as just detailed, claiming that Procter and Gamble is a Satanic organisation, generally listing some of its many products, and calling for a buying boycott of all these products. P&g2.jpg (460033 bytes)

This hoax has been circulating since the early 1980’s and keeps coming back with slight variations of TV shows on which the company head supposedly acknowledged his Satanic connections, and the dates of the shows.

These fraudulent allegations have been checked out by leading evangelical leaders in the USA and elsewhere - and remain just that: fraudulent and a hoax.

Letters have been written by all the various TV show hosts named, denying any such programmes or the presence of the Proctor and Gamble President on their shows. Leading Christian evangelical leaders in the USA have also checked things out and written their rejection of this hoax.

Our Ministry has been exposing this hoax and warning Christians and the community about it in 1985 (twice), 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994 and since (now the second time in 1999) - and still the rumour circulates.

Procter and Gamble have been taking legal action for some years now, against those who continue to promote this hoax and interfere with their lawful right to sell their products. Anyone promoting this hoax could face legal action for spreading it. Apart from people from various churches promoting this hoax, Amway reps. have also been guilty of spreading the lie and this has led to several lawsuits involving Amway in the USA.

Over the years the same old story has been trotted out, with slight variations, and an encouragement to send away for a programme transcript. The people who spend their US$3 for a transcript will lose money and be disappointed. Just because the story now circulates around the Internet does not make any truer than when it was being mailed and faxed around churches a few years ago.

John Stott, in his commentary (Tyndale series) on the letters of John, commenting on 1 John 4:1-3, states:

There is an urgent need for discernment among Christians. We are often too gullible, and exhibit a naïve readiness to credit messages and teachings which purport to come from the spirit-world. There is such a thing, however, as a misguided charity and tolerance towards false doctrine. Unbelief (believe not every spirit) can be as much a mark of spiritual maturity as belief. We need to preserve the biblical balance, avoiding on the one hand the extreme superstition which believes everything and on the other the extreme suspicion which believes nothing. (The Epistles of John, Tyndale, 1964, p.153)

Christians have even a greater responsibility for spreading the truth and not being guilty of rumour mongering or the spread of lies. There are Biblical injunctions against such speaking ill of others. For us it is not only a legal issue but a moral issue.

It also behoves us not to assume that because something could be true - or that Satan could be doing something such as this - that therefore it IS necessarily true, or that Satan IS doing it.

We encourage you to check available information on this hoax, including the following web sites:


Our Ministry has further material available on this - and other hoaxes. Before accepting something new, dramatic, different - regardless of the source - stop and check it out before passing it on. Ask us. We may be able to help you. And when you discover the truth about a hoax (or some other issue) why not pass it on enthusiastically - email your friends, let your pastor or priest know - stop hoaxes from spreading!

(From TACL Vol 20 #5 Nov/Dec 1999)

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