The Problem of Extreme Christian Fringe Groups

Many Christians have slipped up and been hurt through their involvement with independent churches and groups that are increasingly popping up everywhere. Claims of fantastic miracle experiences; claims of angelic visitations; claims of visits to heaven, and/or hell; claims of amazing power and authority are also increasingly made, often by leaders of independent churches and groups. Disturbingly, many of these sort of claims are unquestioningly accepted and believed by many good people. Many who make these claims and lead such groups are members of the world’s largest cult: the Cult of Power.  They seek to control, manipulate, and use unsuspecting believers to feed their greed for power and possessions, using the Christian community to achieve their ends.

Ignorance and misuse of the Bible are often at the heart of these problems. Missing are a true Christ-centred servant leadership; Biblical humility; Biblical authenticity, and a readiness, as Scripture declares, to TEST ALL THINGS!

What, in God’s Name, is going on in the Christian community, and on its fringes?  This book peels back the truth on some current confusion and abuses of power - all in the name of God - and provides some Biblical responses to alert and equip Christians for the Truth in Jesus Christ and avoid painful slip-ups.

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Contents (Chapter Headings):

1. What, In God’s Name, Is Going On?

2. Here We Go Again

3. Leaders’/Pastors’ Domination

4. Arrogant Authoritianism

5. Submission And Obedience

6. Giving - To God Or The Leadership

7. Narrow Outlook And Perspectives

8. Poor Theological Training

9. Distorted Theological Emphases

10. Distorted Theological Emphases (2) Dying For Carol

11. Insensitive Simplistic Solutions

12. Aggressive Recruiting/Proselytising

13. Intense Confession

14. Promotion Of Guilt

15. Alienation

16. Exclusiveness

17. In Conclusion

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