Wrong Again!

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Wrong Again!!

Let us state the obvious.
If you are reading this — you are alive!! Well, of course you are. But
you shouldn’t be — at least not according to a variety of end-time
scenarios promoted by several individuals and groups claiming to be in
the know.

In case you missed it,
June this year was ’special’ — we had one day which was recorded as
06.06/06 or 666. Some so-called ’Satanists’ from the Hollywood style,
dress up, excuse for justifying vice over virtue, known as the Church of
Satan, started by Anton LeVey, (including the Melbourne, Australia,
branch) gained some news coverage for declaring it to be a significant
day in their calendar. There were occultists and other strange people
who especially planned for their marriage to take place on June 6, 2006,
while there were several mothers (influenced by the original movie: The Omen) who gave birth to boys on the 06/06/06 and named
them Damien!! And, of course, the Hollywood entrepreneurs
released another updated version of The Omen on that
auspicious date earlier this year!

But there were more than a
few others, around the world, including Christians and non-Christians
who feared that the day with the ’Devil’s number’ would end the world!
Wrong again!!

Anyway, any effort at
accurately dating such cataclysmic events according to our current
Gregorian calendar is doomed to failure. Our dating is far from
precise. As one Roman Catholic pries, Richard Leonard pointed out,
because of errors in the transition from Roman dating to the Gregorian
system in 1582, 06/06/06 was not this year but actually occurred in our
2002. Wrong again!! (Besides, the Roam dating system was far from
perfect to start with!)

Then there were claims by
the supposed ’Church of the SubGenius’, which no-one
really knows how to treat — is it all a bunch of meaningful nonsense; an
anarchical philosophy based on chaos theory; somebody’s weird spoof and
peculiar/weird sense of humour? Who knows?! But it claimed that the
END of the world would occur on Wednesday, July 5, 2006. Well, you’re
reading this aren’t you?! Wrong again!!

Then there was the
Abilene, Texas-based ’House of Yahweh’, started by Yisrayl
Hawkins (who used to be a country and western singer going by the name
of Buffalo Bill Hawkins). This group claimed that the end was coming on
September 12, 2006. They reported that those who laughed at their
predictions would perish. The (Africa) Kenyan branch of the House of Yahweh raised deep concerns amongst government officials
over fears that a possible suicide-murder tragedy might occur (such as
the Ugandan failed end-of-the-world prophecies of the Movement for the
Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God — in which over a thousand
people died in March 2000). So far members of this cultic group have
been able to rationalise the non-event of the end of the world without
any disasters or tragedies. Let’s hope it stays that way.

September has come and
gone — we’re still here! Wrong again!!

In case you get too
comfortable, however, there are a number of people (including some
Christian writers, probably hoping no one has any copies of their old
books lying around, and good enough memories to check their comments)
who are predicting NEXT YEAR is going to be IT! We’ll see!

(From TACL Vol 24 #2 March/May 2003)