It's a big issue.

In fact, I would say it's a huge issue. Take it out of Christianity and there is not a lot left.

And I believe it is an issue highly misunderstood (and I include myself in that!)

That is why I think it is time we looked at the issue of forgiveness at length.

Below you will find nine sermons delivered at the end of 2011 on the subject of forgiveness.

But, be warned, it will be a bumpy ride. Hardly a week went by during the recording of this series without several people in tears and on a few occasions people got up, left the room and drove home before the message was finished. (Not that uncommon when I'm preaching!)

I have never struck an issue which pierced so many people as deeply as this one. And that's because it opened the most personal issues in our lives.

How do I deal with the greatest hurts I carry with me? We all have them & many have been simmering for years. What do we do with all this baggage? Can we find real and tangible forgiveness this side of heaven?

Two things happened to those of us who were there for the original series: firstly, our deep hurts bubbled to the surface and had to be dealt with. For some that was very painful & the fallout kept our pastoral team busy for weeks on end. But, in the end, that was a good thing - painful as it was.

But, secondly, our understanding of forgiveness from a theological perspective was challenged. Most of us think we have a handle on the issue, but don't close the book just yet. You might be surprised at what you find here. How would you define forgiveness?

My prayer is that our Lord will take what has been delivered here & work afresh in the lives of his people elsewhere. If that proves true & there is healing in just one person, then it will have been worth it.

May this bring ever more glory to Him. And may you find and practice true forgiveness.


Terry Allen

(December 2011)