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The Defeated Christian Life mp3

By stephen - Posted on 02 March 2016

Humanly speaking, what does one do with a defeated and/or failed Christian life?

Last week I drove my daughter’s well-worn 1.6 litre Nissan Pulsar to the car wreckers to see if they would take it off my hands – that’s what we do with a car that has seen far better days.

Is this what we do with a Christian life that has seen better days? Drive it to the car wreckers – so to speak?

Psalm 51 is written by handsome wealthy king who attracted the attention of not a few women; married and unmarried. He had sex with a married woman and arranged for the husband to be 'terminated'. Eventually he was 'found out' and cried out for mercy and forgiveness.

So, did King David 'get off' with just a prayer? Fair question. Please listen to the message and find out...



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