Abortions based on the sex of the foetus. What next?

This month, a ruling by health authorities in Sweden slipped quietly in and out of the news. Doctors at a hospital which performs abortions became concerned when one particular woman returned twice to have abortions.

It is reported the woman, who already has two daughters, came for a check up while pregnant and ordered an amniocentesis to check for abnormalities in the foetus, but when the test was being done, the woman apparently asked to know the sex of the baby.

When the sex of the foetus was revealed (female), the woman booked herself in for an abortion six days later.

The woman fell pregnant a short time later, found out he sex and had an abortion once more, prompting staff at Mälaren Hospital to take the matter to Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare for a ruling.

The ruling, which stated the Medical profession cannot refuse abortions of the basis of sex, has put Sweden once again firmly in the world spotlight when it comes to moral issues.

Consider this:

  • A European Commission report has identified Sweden as the rape capital of Europe.
  • Amnesty International recently said rapists ‘enjoy impunity’ in Sweden under their current legal system.
  • Recently two teenage girls were forced into a 12 hour sex ordeal. The main perpetrator was a woman who had a male accomplice.
  • Sweden has just passed a gender-neutral marriage law which gives the right to anyone of any sex to marry in either civil or religious ceremonies. One political party has put forward the idea that Pastors should be forced to marry gays. This won’t be a problem because a survey last November found most Pastors in Sweden are happy to do so.
  • As a result of the gender-neutral marriage law, the month of May has become ‘wedding’ month on the Swedish calendar because of the large number of nuptials. Gay weddings that is.
  • The Lutheran Church, which up until the year 2000 was the state church, is having trouble with the new law. Well, not exactly. It officially announced it supports the new law, but its synod will meet in October to discuss whether or not they will actually perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Sounds like this decision is already made.
  • In January, Transvestism was struck from Sweden’s list of medical diagnoses. In fact the medical system in Sweden now subsidises it. Females who undergo a sex change operation in Sweden can now obtain a prosthetic penis at tax payers’ expense. Even this does not make them happy because they have discovered the new appendages do not have all the functions of the real thing. Apparently they thought they would actually become men.
  • Earlier this year, Sweden’s National Library was found to be storing thousands of child porn images. These dated back to the 1970’s when child porn was legal. 

The list goes on and on and on. No doubt all of it will eventually find its way to our shores as we embrace the global community. 

What I wonder is:

  1. What has to happen before Christians will speak up?
  2. Where would you draw a line in the sand?