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AJ Miller – he is not the Messiah!

By Terry - Posted on 01 January 2010

He stood before a group of about 40 people who had gathered to hear him preach. It is December 22nd 2009 and the venue is Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. It is the latest in a series of free lectures given by AJ Miller.

Many of the people who were in the room had come through a four day seminar held in Coffs Harbour earlier in the year. It was called 'Alpha Dynamics', but now they were after more. They were promised ‘Divine Truth’ and they ate up the information as it was delivered. (More on this particular seminar in a moment).

Alpha Dynamics

Alpha Dynamics is an Australian based seminar which offers its attendees “mind training” and “personal empowerment” of the kind most people would associate with American Tony Robbins.

According to its website, Alpha Dynamics is,

Australia's leader in personal development training for over 20 years. You can stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, improve memory & much more.

As remarkable as they seem to think they are, the organizers are offering a product very similar to that which has been around for decades but which became popular in the 1980’s. At that time it became fashionable for corporations to send their employees to full day seminars to help improve productivity through increased concentration, lateral thinking, hyper-positive worldview and a good deal of back slapping.

I recall attending one of these sessions in 1987 where we did all the classic routines; looking at ink spots in quick succession, small group discussions, abstract puzzles and some ‘meditation’. All this was designed to identify your personality type, motivation & true character so that you might become more effective for your employer.

From what I have seen, not much has changed in the two decades these courses have been running. Certainly, they have updated their methods, but the alterations seem more like the release of new models than a paradigm shift.

In Australia, Alpha Dynamics is managed by Peter H. Heibloem, a former CPA whose heart is not so much in mathematics as it is in motivations. (Mind you, that doesn’t stop him charging $600 for the four day seminar held in Coffs Harbour in November 2009!) He is ably assisted by his son, Peter Jnr. Together they pitch a tempting offer. It begins with a “free seminar”. This is by subscription through their website and is designed to round up enough interested people to make it worthwhile taking the program to a particular town. If enough people attend the free seminar, the next step is to have them commit to the four day paid seminar, which was run for the second time in Coffs Harbour in November.

Of the people I have spoken to who attended this seminar, the great selling point was the mind exercise techniques which promote better memory retention, focus and sleep. 'Alpha Dynamics' is aimed at anyone who needs to improve their memory, those who want to climb the corporate ladder, people who are stressed, need a more effective study pattern or who don’t sleep well. Basically, it’s for most of us.

From all reports, there is a lot of valuable information given here which can be of benefit in daily life. Many of us can’t remember names, don’t sleep well, have lousy jobs, lack proper concentration or study for hours only to instantly forget what we’ve learned. 'Alpha Dynamics' is there as remedial help for all this and from what I’m told what is offered at the seminar is of some benefit.

Heibloem comes across as a likeable and engaging speaker who is easy to listen to and, from a pragmatic point of view, worth listening to. He is also bitterly resented by several who attended this course. Why? Because, after four days of seminar, the last two hours reveal it is basically a Trojan Horse for a false religion.

One man who attended the seminar was 65 year old Graeme (1). He described to me his reasons for signing up;

I wanted to improve my memory recall, improve my concentration and focus, and improve my sleeping habits. Being in my 60's, I have noticed these areas gradually deteriorating.

However, when the course drew to a close, Graeme had a totally different perspective. 

All the advertising and the Web Site mention only the Alpha Dynamics, which is basically exercising and using the brain more efficiently in various areas of our life. It seems deceptive for the presenter to then try to brainwash a captive audience with his own brand of religion, and encouraging them to buy videos and books and visit web-sites that are unrelated to Alpha Dynamics. Whether one believes it or not, it is totally out of context in the course for which people paid good money.

His “own brand of religion”. Those are strong words, but indicative of what was said to me by others who attended the course. I spoke to four people who were in the audience that weekend; a 47 year old man, and man in his 30's and a 16 year old. None of them were aware they were being led towards the course's eventual conclusion. 

Crossing over

Heibloem’s approach is to instruct his attendees in the methods of 'Alpha Dynamics' at a mostly physical level. They might talk about Alpha and Beta waves and how understanding them helps you sleep or concentrate better, but it all stays well within rational boundaries. 

What Heibloem is bursting to tell his audience, however, is that his real answer to all of life’s problems is found at a higher level, known as Divine Truth. They won’t have to wait long. It comes as the last instalment of the four day seminar. If you really want to know how to rise above all the obstacles in your life and be synchronized with the unseen forces around us, you need AJ Miller.

In the video below, Peter Heibloem is seen introducing AJ Miller at his 2008 Sunshine Coast seminar. (See the first minute of the video below).

The bait

None of this is mentioned on the Alpha Dynamics website. That is the shop front if you like and viewing the website is a bit like browsing up and down the aisles but never seeing the factory. The next level is pitched to you if you firstly stay to the end of the four day course and then in the frequent emails which follow it. 

A good example is this one sent by Heibloem to recipients of the Coffs Harbour seminar on November 22nd 2009;

I have been profoundly inspired by the teachings of AJ Miller and have attended more than 40 of his free seminars over the last 2 years. All these seminars can be accessed for free as an MP3 audio file at under the heading of seminars. All the handout notes are also available on this site free of charge. I recommend that you have a look and listen to some of the latest talks. They are awesome!

We distribute, at cost, all AJ Miller's seminars on DVD and in the last 2 years around 5,000 DVDs have been sent out to people. Each DVD pack costs $20 plus postage and contains 2 DVDs (each dvd 4-5 hours seminars). This information is beyond anything I have previously experienced in the last 30 years and calibrations of the level of truth of these talks, using the Hawkins' scale of consciousness, reveal a reading of around 1000 (the highest truth ever presented).

And with that, stage 3 is in place. Firstly, the free seminar; next the four day fully paid seminar; then the endorsement of AJ Miller. You have received some really good information so far, but if you want “the highest truth ever presented” it’s over to AJ Miller. 

AJ Miller

Alan John Miller was born in Australia in 1962, but what you see is not what you get. AJ is, so we’re told, merely the new millennium’s incarnation of Jesus Christ. Incarnation is specifically what is taught by Miller and therefore believed by Heibloem. The great spiritual people of the past are here again in the bodies people like AJ Miller. There are seven of them but each one of these souls in manifested through a couple (needing to procreate) so the grand total is 14 soul mates producing seven super spiritual beings on earth today. 

Jesus, John the Baptist, Luke, John Mark, someone called Lisa, Cornelius (who is allegedly the Roman soldier who hammered the nails into Jesus/AJ at the cross) and the Apostle John. 

In fact, we’re told the Apostle John (who, like Jesus, is Australian!) has written a letter to the Christian Church. (No, not the three you find up the back of the Bible) This letter is posted here at the Divine Truth website . In it John tells us how sad it is the Christian Church won’t move on from messages given in the first century recorded in the Bible.

Christian teachers accept these original messages from above as true, but not the millions given since then up to the present time. The Apostle wants this annoying habit to change. How ironic that the same John who combatted gnosticism in his epistles would now endorse it!

Of course, the most recent messages given to these same incarnated people (ie AJ Miller et al.) offer the most profound insight of all. The judgement on these Christians (ie for hindering the truth) will be “some day and soon” and “the accounting will be grievous”. 

Statements like these are given throughout the entire system of teaching whether it be written or spoken at lectures. They can be summarized as, 'Bits of the truth have always been with us and spoken by various spiritual people in history, but now we have brought them all together for you'. 

This claim is not backed up by anything other than jargon and mumbo jumbo. We’re supposed to be profoundly dazzled by the idea that we can climb through the spheres of enlightenment (“dimensional places of existence”) until we reach Divine Truth, but we are supposed to simply accept this whole paradigm and go with it for it to be real. There is no evidence any of this is true, except for AJ Miller’s teaching, the endorsement by the worshiping Heibloem and repeated references to moments in the Bible which now have new light shone on them. 

Miller the Messiah

Undoubtedly the most blasphemous claim Miller makes is that he is Jesus. He makes very clear that he doesn’t think of himself as the representative of Jesus or a man passing on or channelling the message of Jesus. Miller claims specifically to be Jesus in the flesh. He speaks in the first person about things he did & said in the first century while he was on earth. 

This is not unique in itself and a quick Google search will turn up plenty of examples of people who claim they are Jesus. For example Dr Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda who claims to be Jesus in the flesh, says there is no such thing as sin, insists prayer is a waste of time, says Satan is merely a “Hollywood character” and that every other religious leader on earth is a fraud. 

There is also his unusual practice of tattooing the number “666” on himself which many of his followers have emulated. You might think this would give the game away, but Jose Luis claims the Biblical term “anti Christ” really means “new Christ”, which he says means Jesus returned. 

He is, therefore, Jesus returned as promised; not Jesus the Jew prior to the cross. I would like to put Jose Luis and AJ Miller in the same room and let them slug it out, but I suppose they would simply say each other is deluded! 

The clearest reference AJ Miller makes to his 'true identity' comes in his Sunshine Coast (Queensland) one day seminar held in January 2008. The most explicit claim to deity is seen in the video below at 9 mins 38 secs. 

“The first thing I am going to tell you is that the person I am is actually a person who lived on earth in the first century. And my name is Jesus. And I'm serious.” 

This becomes quite a lengthy discussion and heats up in the next segment (the seminar is split into 10 videos). Ironically, it comes after a female audience member interjects with the stunning claim that she is Mary incarnated. Obviously Miller could not accept this because it would not be appropriate for Jesus to have his mother in the audience throwing out a bigger trump card than he has, so Miller gently puts her in her place. 

His response can be seen in the video below. The unidentified woman adds, “I'm just being honest. I don't know whether it was my mind or my soul, but if you can call yourself Jesus, I can call myself Mary”. Miller's response? “OK, but what if I am Jesus?” Gee, no come back for that one. Welcome to the world of AJ Messiah. 'I'm Jesus, you really should believe me, but don't you claim to be anyone special because you would be wrong!' 

At that point, you will hear members of his audience throw several clarifying questions to Miller to ascertain exactly what he means. Many people think they are Jesus, he could be deceitful or a nutcase. All this Miller acknowledges, but he leaves no doubt with his next statement (see below video at 2 mins 45 secs). 

But I'm talking about I am Yeshua Ben Joseph, the son of Joseph and Mary in the first century”. An audience member then asks, “So are you saying you are the vibration of the person Jesus?” To which Miller replies, “No, I am the person. I'm not saying I am the vibration of the person. I'm saying I am the soul of Jesus.” 

It leaves little room for doubt. Miller believes he is Jesus. Even this audience finds it hard to swallow. One asks how he knows it for sure; he answers because he remembers everything about his first century life. One asks if he can speak Aramaic to which Miller replies he cannot before changing the subject. 

Miller also informs us, “The Bible is not an accurate account of my life.” I suppose that is just in case anyone wanted to quiz him on certain things in it or perhaps challenge him over his many contradictions. Nevertheless, Miller sweeps aside the four Gospels of the New Testament as a reliable guide to the life of Jesus on earth.

If AJ Miller lived in America he would have been interviewed on the talk shows just like Jose Luis, but as it stands, he would not be known by anyone outside his lecture circuit, or at the very most by those who have attended an Alpha Dynamics seminar. However, that does not stop him making some very bold and exclusive claims. 

Miller is banking on his audience being Biblically illiterate. Mostly he simply takes a word or phrase of Jesus (about which most of his audience is clueless) and gives it his own particular meaning. This way he can sound profound while also claiming to be the original. He often gets away with it only because those in his audiences are self selected to be deluded, but every now and then, if they cared to check, they would discover his teachings are in direct contradiction to those of the real Jesus. 

You might not think Miller cares what the real Jesus said, but that would be to misunderstand him completely. Miller is so sure he is Jesus, he speaks in the first person about many of the events in the Bible. For example, he recalls speaking to Nicodemus, explains what he meant by the term “Kingdom of God” and speaks about the crucifixion. All in simple, matter-of-fact terms just as though the events themselves happened a only few years ago. 

What is sin?

Mostly, Miller takes what Jesus said or did and gives it new meaning. For example, the term ‘sin’ refers to the state of being in “disharmony with love”. Christians have misunderstood it for 2000 years! 

Miller adds, “So when we use the term sin in the connotation that is religious today, often people feel there's punishment required when we're in disharmony with love. So they use the term 'sin' and 'punishment' together.” (Video below at 5 mins 50 secs) 

According to the Jesus of the Bible, sin is in need of forgiveness. It carries with it God's wrath and keeps one from the Kingdom of God. It is not simply being out of alignment with love, it is outright rebellion against the Creator. It required Jesus' spilt blood for forgiveness to even be possible. 

In Mark 2:17 Jesus said "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” He then explains these two are in fact either “righteous” or “sinners”. Sinners are sick people according to Jesus, they are not simply off key. They are in need of repentance, not a tune up. 

And when it comes to punishment, Miller ought to read carefully the words of Jesus in the Gospels where he says it would be better to pluck your eye out or tie a millstone around your neck than sin or cause someone else to sin. The real Jesus pronounced woes on the Pharisees who undermined the Biblical doctrine of sin. 

And what would Miller make of Jesus' parable of the faithful and wise manager in Luke 12? 

"That servant who knows his master's will and does not get ready or does not do what his master wants will be beaten with many blows.” (v47) 

Furthermore, the master will “cut him to pieces” (V46). That certainly sounds like punishment to me and I'm guessing it would to AJ Miller as well, but he's not big on believing, let alone understanding Scripture. 

Is Jesus the only way?

One does not have to listen for very long before AJ hangs himself doctrinally. In the abovementioned Coffs Harbour seminar, Miller drew a quick sketch on his white board (2). God was at the top, we are down below and Jesus is in the middle. All three are connected by pipes in which there is the flow of information, truth and love. Miller then rubbed out Jesus and said that no one had to go through Jesus to get to God. Presumably Miller has never read John 14:6 where the real Jesus makes the exact opposite statement and is just as exclusive. 

But Miller’s teaching that Jesus is not the way to God is not the only thing he says in direct contradiction to the Bible. During his Coffs Harbour seminar, someone in the audience (who, by the way, are mostly baby boomers it must be said) asked him if he had found a religion that works. Miller’s answer was “No”. Miller added that all religions have some truth in them, but Divine Truth is the only ultimately true path. 

Gnostic heresy

What we are dealing with is quite simply a new manifestation of the old Gnostic heresy. Gnosticism has had many manifestations in many eras, but it always comes back to one thing; secret teaching revealed to an individual or group which has been given special access to to the "truth".

In my opinion, we even see this in some churches today when the preacher, teacher or prophet claims to have been given a new revelation from God which cannot possibly be verified by Scripture. However, AJ Miller does not claim to be a Christian, so we are dealing with something far more serious. This is not someone who claims to speak exclusively for Jesus, but who claims to be Jesus himself.

If you would like to know more about the history of gnostic heresy, see Steve Cracknell's article here.

We would do well to heed the words of the real Jesus recorded in Scripture;

At that time if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or, 'There he is!' do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. (Matthew 24:23-25)


  1. His name has been changed to protect his identity. Graeme remains on their database.

  2. This seminar was attended by a friend of mine who attended the four day 'Alpha Dynamics' seminar. He and I sat down the next day to carefully go over the material presented.

EDITOR: September 2011: We now have a dedicated page called AJ MILLER



Jesus of Miller and Jesus of Nazareth are as different as chalk and cheese. If you don't think so then you haven't met the real Jesus.  

Jesus of Nazareth, lived nearly 2000 years ago. He testified that He was the Son of God by His teachings and by the many signs and miracles He performed over three years, like raising people from the dead and feeding five thousand people with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. Jesus of Nazareth has had more influence over the development of history than any other man. eg. Literature, art, law, music, ethics and care for the poor. His life is recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible.


How is Jesus of Nazareth different from Miller?

  Jesus of Miller Jesus of Nazareth 
Where's Jesus now? In the body of Miller In Heaven with a glorified body
What type of after-life?

Reincarnation of the soul

Cyclic: Many lives

Physical bodily resurrection

Linear: Live once, die once, afterlife

Who is he? He is a man just like you and me. He is God's eternal Son who was born a man.
Ability to save people? Cannot save people from their sin (active or passive rebellion against God). ie. I do what I want, not what God wants. Appointed by God to save people from their sins.
Type of philosophy New Age Thinking - Non Christian Christian - Founded on Jesus (now in heaven)
Language spoken English (thinks he is Jesus but cannot speak the language Jesus spoke) Aramaic, eg. Mark 5:41 and Acts 26:12-15
Which Jesus? False Jesus. The Real Jesus.


The meaning of the name Jesus

The name Jesus is a Greek form of Joshua which means the "Lord saves". Miller cannot save people from their sins. Jesus of Nazareth can. He was appointed by God to do so. Matthew 1:21


Bodily resurrection, not a spiritual re-incarnation

Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on a cross, buried in a Jewish tomb and raised bodily. He appeared to many witnesses over a period of 40 days.

1 Corinthians 15:6 After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep.

This is extremely important. Jesus of Nazareth did not appear as a reincarnation of the soul inside another person years after his death. He was physically resurrected in his body three days after he died. He says to the disciples after being raised from the dead "Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have."  Luke 24:39

Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. Jews have always held in a bodily resurrection. i.e. flesh and blood. Jews do not believe in reincarnation of the soul.

King David a Jew says this about Jesus in Acts 2:31

"Seeing what was ahead, he spoke of the resurrection of the Christ, that he was not abandoned to the grave, nor did his body see decay."  quoted by the Peter an apostle.

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

The Apostle Paul was converted on the road to Damascus when he encountered the resurrected Jesus. Jesus spoke to him in his native tongue in Aramaic. Acts 26:12-15

AJ Miller however, cannot remember any Aramaic names, places or sayings.


Where is Jesus now?

The body of Jesus of Nazareth did not decay. He was resurrected physically and ascended into heaven with a glorified body.

The real Jesus is currently seated at the right of the Father in heaven, Acts 2:32-33 "God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of the fact. Exalted to the right hand of God,

Revelation 3:21 "..I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne."


The question is which Jesus will you trust in?

Reading the Gospel of Matthew from the Bible will help introduce you to the real Jesus.

This Jesus is far superior to Miller in everyway. If you don't think so you haven't bothered to read the alternative. 

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. John 10:9-11 (The real jesus)

If you are interested in what the real Jesus is about then our page on Christianity provides some helpful links about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and the implications of this for us today.

He says:

1st option: He is crazy

2nd option: He is lying

3rd option: He is telling the truth

But the fourth option is that he is telling the truth from his point of view but his source of information is lying. He is (perhaps unknowingly) listening to evil spirits.

This man is not Jesus and while he inter-mingles some truth, distorted truth, fiction and perhaps even false motives, he sounds convincing to a vulnerable person in search of real Truth.


I did the Alpha course some years ago with Peter H.[it didnt include AJ info at that time].The way the course is described here is untrue and misleading in many ways.Alpha can be a way of finding out that there are unseen forces working in this world,and that most of us can tap into this ''energy''. Alpha has nothing to do with, ink spots, abstract puzzles and a bit of meditation, as its described here.But it can be a gateway to being able to ''see the unseen'' or at least it was for me.

On the subject of AJ Miller I will just say, if you want to know the Truth about what he is saying.Study his suggestions and then pray with a real desire for  Gods Love and Truth to enter your Soul.And will know yourself if it is true or not.There can be no harm to anyone in seeking Gods Love and Truth can there?.AJ speaks of love for each other and how to receive love from God, isnt that what Jesus taught?., love and truth, morals and ethics....

There can be no real understanding of Jesus of Nazareth unless we understand the Cross; ie His death on the Cross. With great respect Paul, if Jesus is known for only "love and truth, morals and ethics" apart from the Cross - then the Bible writers have got it wrong because they connect these things you mention with the Cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All the guys who run this website regarded themselves at one time as "lost sinners" - without any hope in this world or the next. However, something monumental has happened in each of our hearts. "God's Love and Truth" has entered our souls in the Person of the Risen Jesus Christ. Those of you who follow AJ Miller would do well to read the New Testament, for yourselves, quietly and sincerely. There you will find the only truth about Jesus Christ - from those who personally knew Him and walked with Him - they saw Him bleed and they saw Him risen. I choose to believe them - come and join us. I speak the truth in love.

I am not an orthodox Christian, I am indeed a heretical Christian, and a follower of the source material AJ has usurped. I have known of his existence since he first popped up (on the internet) and made his claim 4 or 5 years ago. It saddens me greatly that he is doing this, and I reject his claim that he is Jesus. "We" have been hearing from Jesus on a regular basis for about 100 years, and he is where he should be, not walking about down under.

However the material on which AJ has based his teachings, is the ONLY spiritual/religious material I have ever found, that makes a claim - Do this - this will happen - And it does. If you are interested to prove the existence of God's Divine Love for yourself, and share in the bliss that mystics have found over the centuries, ...

And the claim that we do make, is that this is how you become reborn of spirit. Something you certainly cannot find in the New Testament, although if you know what to look for, you can find other curious stuff. Many Orthodox Christians do realise being reborn of spirit is important, but without being prepared to indulge in mediumistic communications from dead folks who have found out what it means, they remain in the dark.

So your generalised statement that these teachings are based on unverifiable special truth, is simply nonsense. The proof is there for anyone willing to try.

Take care,

A brother in Christ

John, thanks for your reply. I appreciate the fact you took the time to enter the debate with us. I completely agree with you that AJ's material is not new, in fact I think I made that point in the article. I disagree with you, however, on where you claim the truth is. It is not 100 years back, but 2000 years back. In fact, it goes back into eternity past with the one true God who brought our world and us into being by his word. The Bible teaches being born of the Spirit is actually God's work, not ours. This is difficult to comprehend, but only because we have been corrupted by sin which hinders our understanding of these things. In John 3, Jesus addressed this issue in his discussion with Nicodemus. Jesus made the statement, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again" to which Nicodemus replied, "How can a man be born when he is old?" Nicodemus thought only in physical terms, but Jesus gently steered him towards those classic words, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." So, what Jesus did becomes the central issue, not what we do. This is even true of our belief system. It may seem reasonable to say, as AJ Miller does, 'I know it's true because I have experienced it', but that is not a testable claim. You will notice in my article, I did not discuss my own personal faith or what I have experienced as a way of bolstering my position. I could have, but that is not the issue. The person of Jesus is the issue. In John 14 he put it like this, "Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves." For those who saw him, there was a physical evidence to weigh up. Today, we cannot do it the same way because those events occurred 2000 years ago. We have the record of those events and one crucial decision to make. Did Jesus rise from the dead? Nothing else matters until you answer that. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, Christianity is a complete waste of time. But if he did, then he is alive and there is an eternity to be lived, either with him or without. Ignore every other issue until you make a decision here. The Apostle Paul put it this way, "If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."(Romans 10:9)

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Well this depends a lot on very precise definitions. You mean that he wandered around in the very same physical body he hung on the cross with. And then I have to say no. Not that body. That one was dematerialised, and evidence of that lies both in the Bible, and on the Shroud of Turin.

But its certainly very impressive that he was able to manifest a body, one that was not exactly like the old one (Mary was confused, yet she knew him extremely well) and it was huggable, and this ocurred in broad daylight.

What the resurrection proved, is that Jesus is alive today, and all who have ever died are also alive.

Have any others managed the same feat that Jesus did? Indeed yes. But its not common. He was and is special. You see if you had ever read the six volume set of The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, you will find a group of American Scientists, 100 years ago, witnessed Jesus again, walking around, in a huggable body. Not just once, and not just for a few minutes. And in that book are things that would blow your mind, except of course that if you think about it, the Indian fellows are doing stuff the Bible says Jesus did. 

But I do sense you and I are so far apart, that nothing I can say will touch you. So I will say this. Please don't give up on Jesus. He is for real, even if your current understanding, is IMHO, inaccurate.

Why would I say that? Because many ardent Christians like yourself abandon all their beliefs after death, when the reality of the next life becomes apparent, and Jesus' blood has not saved them. Instead of giving up, I would ask you to find out what Jesus really taught. Because if you give up, then you will never find the narrow gate. And inspite of what you will say about the die being cast at death, it is not.

Your brother in Christ.

(But I see the YouTube link I originally provided, by way of explaining myself more concisely, has now been removed. Was that more threatening than even AJ in action?)


Which clip was it?


Experiential spirituality, of which you propose, will always carry with it the chains of unverifiable subjectivity. Metaphysics lacks an objective, valid test(s) that points the way to true truth. It simply cannot be tested in space and time - it always is chained to the human heart (of which the Bible says is "desperately sick and who can understand it"). According to Jesus, to be born of the Spirit is to be born of God - not through indulging 'in mediumistic communications from dead folks' (just another human centered religious method - clearly condemned by God in the Bible - 'Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.) but by believing and following the former dead person called Jesus - who, incidentally, rose from the dead and is a living Brother to all those who follow Him. It is Jesus Who gives the Spirit of God to believers so they will see, worship and follow the Light of the World - Jesus Christ (not religious practices). Far from remaining in the dark (as you claim); true followers of the (Biblical) Jesus have been immersed in the Spirit of light Who points us always to Jesus of Nazareth - not the AJs of this world. BTW; it's actually impossible to be 'a heretical Christian'; Jesus said that we are either FOR Him or AGAINST Him. I'd be stoked if you read about Him in the New Testament - we would make good Christian brothers!

One is an heretical Christian by being a follower of the Master, yet denying the validity of the Nicene Creed. If it is a case of either for or against, I guess I am glad we are the one's talking to him daily, since you guys stopped listening 2000 years ago?

The real Jesus is easy to follow, when he is chanelled. Anyone can understand exactly what it is he is telling us. And he offered us a testable proposition. In spite of your rejection of it, for thousands of years mystics have personally experienced these things, yet have failed to explain how they achieved this intimate connection with God.

AJ is dangerous, not particularly because he claims to be Jesus, but because folks that follow what he suggests, will also find its provable. Those that try, that is.

Your brother in Christ
who has tried, and experienced, for ten years, Divine Love.
and found what changes it has made in my life.
Just as Jesus promised about 90 years ago.

Thanks so much for your earnest reply Another Aussie... I have no doubt that what you write has great meaning and value to you and I would not want to denigrate your beliefs at all. In fact, you make some interesting comments about the role of the heart/mind in determining truth. Is my mind closed to the truth you propose? Why am I not interested in your philosophy of the Spirit? OK, this is where I stand. To me, the (Biblical) Jesus Messiah is everything (not dogma, Nicene Creed, etc). In history (time, space) He lived, died and was resurrected. He still lives. He is LORD and King. Fullstop. Now, here's the crunch. He came to seek and save that which was lost. That's me ... lost. I need to be found by the Biblical Jesus. He did that. So, I think the real point of difference lies in the objective certainty of solid proof (the Bible) as opposed to what you propose in subjective experiences (channeling) that deny the Jesus I know. In the end, we are really talking about DIFFERENT Jesus's. The two Jesus's are radically different. "My" Jesus cannot, and will not, be chanelled - ever. As to matters of the soul/heart; Jesus Messiah radically changed my life 30 years ago. Even within my deepest emotions I long for Him. Therefore, I have truly listened to what you have to say BUT there is no (rational) reason to accept that which conflicts with the clear teaching of Jesus. For, He is my LORD. He is everything.

I can find enough in the Bible to begin to help you, but I cannot help you when you yourself refuse all change in perspective, and spiritual practise.

Ironically, if we met in Coles, and I said the new fresh curries that Coles are selling are wonderful (which they are) and you were partial to curry, you might take my advice and try one. Afterall its only $8.50.

But, when I tell you about some spiritual approach, that is entirely free, and that I promise you will experience bliss, and over the years you will find you have changed as a person for the better, you reject it out of hand. Because you fear the brand? Or bad experiences of a spiritual "Coles"? Is this not a perfect example of "by their fruits will you know them?"

I can point to the Bible, and ask you about the resurrection, and you will accept that you don't understand exactly how Jesus came to be seen after his death in a form that was physical, yet you absolutely accept that as true. (I do too but it's no mystery to me)

Now I can also point to Pentecost, and another event you don't really understand, other than to allow it was caused by the Holy Spirit. (And that's another event I believe know a lot about, courtesy of chanelling)

Then I can mention Emmaus, and the hearts aburning, and we can together wonder about that, except I know that was the Divine Love in action.

 I can point to the most important comment Jesus made - that you and I should love one another not with the love we know, but with the AGAPE love he knew.

And finally I once again suggest that even in the NT you can find some mystical evidence that suggest its possible for the Holy Spirit to physically impinge on our lives, and you will maybe agree.

So why do you refuse the Divine Love that the Holy Spirit delivers? Do you wish to "blaspheme against the Holy Spirit", which is one explanation that has been chanelled of the impact of refusing to be reborn of Spirit in the manner I propose. Or are you just locked in a mindset?

It is true that the path I am on, denies much you hold true. Yet I did not ask you to give up any of your beliefs. Just feel the LOVE.

Your brother in Christ

Hi there again Aussie. Curry sounds nice?! Stawberries are nicer. If a Satanist tells me that there is so much in depth mysticism in being a Satanist , should I accept it and then test out Satanic practices in order to "experience" what meaning there is in Satanism? Or, being already in family relationship with my heavenly Father, fully trusting in His Word (the Bible) should I test all things against the Bible (God's will for my life)? I do not fear anything you suggest - I simply reject it because you have nothing at all to offer me. What do I need more than Jesus? Mystics have been around for centuries, in all religions, contradicting each other along the way because mysticism is built on human philosophy (read my article on Gnosticism (which you seem to favour). The resurrection, Pentecost and Emmaus that you mention are all historical events and everyone of these events point to Jesus - not mysticism. They point to the Person of Jesus. I do not need, or desire what you have found important - simply because I have everything in Jesus. Far from refusing 'Divine Love'; I actually find pure, perfect Divine Love in my Lord, my Master, my Brother, my Friend - the Lord Jesus. Perfect love casts out all fear.

Gnosticism I have investigated, and gnostics say things like: "It really does not matter whether Jesus ever existed"

So, no I have no home there at all. Indeed it's one of the few places I found no common ground. Frankly it seems like wasted ground to me.

I will say Bye for now, and hope that you will be coming to your spiritual senses after death, since I can see you are locked in at this time. But please remember me, when you have your detailed life reviews, as we all do, in the next realm. I will willing arrive, you just need to think of me, and I will share what I have found, yet again. I expect to be there well before you, based on the nice picture of all you folks.

It is fortunate that we can still seek the narrow gate after death, but sadly most folks like you are so upset to have found that it seemed to be all a lie, that they really really get upset. And then Jesus is a bad word. Even a monsignor in the Catholic Church just abandoned all religion. I could refer to what book that is, but suspect you would not thank me, and I am really not trying to irritate you.

Please note unlike many Christians, I am not consigning you to a hell, because we don't see eye to eye. Where you go, after death is unrelated to what you believe. Its purely a function of how you lived your life. Even the Bible tells us that - "You will pay for your sins to the last farthing" And most of us arrive in pretty much the same sort of life as we enjoy here. Not bad, but no heaven, other than not needing to work, which is neat.

Take care,

Your brother in Christ

Farewell Another Aussie! I have enjoyed sharing Jesus with you ... to be honest, when I write about Him and all He has done for me (a true sinner) by His wonderful grace and mercy I "feel" genuine joy in my heart. I hope that one day He will open your eyes to His glorious beauty and you may "experience" that which can only be evident via His grace. I have deserved nothing at all from Him, yet, as I have written, He is everything. Farewell, and thanks for the dialogue!

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