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The 'New Atheists' are very 'evangelistic' group and some are even intentionally aggressive in their views on atheism - they believe that God does not exist. Academics such as Richard Dawkins are out there spreading their "Gospel of No-God". That is their worldview - that is their 'religion'.




CARM has a fantastic (and extremely helpful) page of resources that will keep you busy for days!




8 Myths About Christianity by Stephen Bedard

A Christmas gift for atheists -- five reasons why God exists by William Lane Craig (Fox News)

Answering the Atheists: A Reader's Digest version of Why I am a Christian.

Christianity Today has a collection of articles on Atheism and the New Atheists

Former atheist turned Christian through Dawkin's website continues strong faith in God by Eryn Sun (Christian Post)

Militant Atheists by Adrian van Leen (Lookout)

Six Key Questions to Ask an Atheist in a Conversation by Ravi Zacharias

The Problem of Good by Greg Koukl (Stand to Reason). Brief, simple, effective article!




Book Review - 'Illogical Atheism.' A Comprehensive Response to the Contemporary Freethinker from a Lapsed Agnostic by Terry Allen

Book review - Is Christianity Good for the World? by Terry Allen

Dawkins fails to convince Flew of evolution by Rob Donnelly

Dawkins vs Pell - a debate unworthy of Darrow vs Chesterton by Terry Allen

Empirical Evidence for God by Rob Donnelly 

George Pell v Richard Dawkins by Stephen Cracknell

Helping non-believers to know God by Rob Donnelly

Is Atheism Intellectually Dead? by Rob Donnelly

The Most Dangerous Idea by Rob Donnelly

Richard Dawkins refuses to debate William Lane-Craig by Stephen Cracknell

Shuffling Deck Chairs on the Titanic by Rob Donnelly




Alister McGrath is a Professor at the University of Oxford. He understands the 'New Atheists' very well. Great website with video links.

All About Science. A broad range of current science issues including Richard Dawkins.

Atheism,agnosticism & humanism: a collection of questions & answers.

Atheist Central is a blog by Ray Comfort.

SCIENCE AND ETHICS - JOHN LENNOX is a Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. His website is outstanding with excellent videos on important issues. Lennox has publicly debated Dawkins and Christopher Hitchins twice.

Theopedia has a section on atheism, including the new atheism.




Atheism on the Wane? Alister McGrath (Oxford University) was once an atheist but he now argues that unbelief is on the wane (MP3 download and transcript available free).

 (VIDEO) Former atheist professor shares her journey to faith (FOX NEWS). This is about Holly Ordway - a former atheist.




The God Delusion? by Richard Dawkins. This is a response from Alister McGrath of Dawkin's book (see above) (MP3).




Greg Koukl debates Michael Shermer on God, atheism, meaning and morality. Download, free, a 32-page PDF of the full debate between Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine, and Greg Koukl, president of Stand to Reason. The debate occurred on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show; moderated by Hugh Hewitt.

Sam Harris v William Lane Craig Debate “Is the Foundation of Morality Natural or Supernatural?” UPDATED

William Lane Craig v Lawrence Krauss: Sydney by Stephen Cracknell (Christian Faith) attended this debate. See also: Craig vs Krauss in Sydney. Moderator Rachael Kohn explains her 'discomfort'.



All About Science. A broad range of current science issues including video.

Phillip Jensen discusses atheism.

Richard Morgan: From Atheist & Card-Carrying Richard Dawkins Fan to Born-Again Christian (VIMEO) For 25 years he was a card-carrying atheist and flaming Richard Dawkins fan. Hear Richard tell the story which is featured in the book “The Dawkins Letters” by David Robertson, 2nd edition. His conversion provoked a meltdown in the Richard Dawkins discussion board in 2008, and he was permanently excommunicated from the forum.



William Lane Craig comments below on the myth that the New Atheists are highly intelligent in all academic disciplines... are they?


Professor Antony Flew has been described as 'the world's most notorious atheist'; that is, until a few years ago when he shocked the academic world by announcing he had come to believe in the existence of God. Here he is interviewed about his theistic views as well as his less than flattering comments on Richard Dawkins. Flew replied to Dawkins in article form, in his own words, as well.


A Christian Response to Atheism by Pastor Douglas Wilson




We at Christian Faith appreciate the kindness we do see from our atheist friends. For example, we appreciate a group of atheists who are willing to look after our pets when RAPTURE time arrives.  Eternal Earth-Bound Pets has the solution!


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