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Christian Fringe Groups


UPDATED: April 2014. Please report dead links. thanks!


Christian fringe groups are Christian organisations that have been identified as organisations to be very wary of. That is, they exhibit characteristics of excessive control and strong dominant leadership. Below are some groups that have been identified as problematic:



THE MUSEUM OF IDOLATRY is the world's largest collection of apostasy artifacts. They have over 1500 exhibits and add new exhibits often.




Revival Centres by Adrian van Leen (free PDF download also available on this page)


Stephen Hassen's Freedom of Mind Center explain their concerns

 Watchout Australia!!! (Cult Education Forum)




ABC TV transcript of their 4 CORNER'S expose of this secretive and exclusive group.





More on Harold Camping - End Time Blues! by Adrian van Leen (Guest)

'Harold be thy name – Camping’s date left behind' by Terry Allen.

Out of Africa! An article on Bernard Blessing by Adrian van Leen (linked to his site). This is one of our most popular 'hits'.



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Christian Quotes

"the late Mr. Reynolds. The house is, I think, the best contrived and the most beautiful I ever saw. It has four fronts, and five rooms on a floor, elegantly, though not sumptuously, furnished. At a small distance stands a delightful grove. On every side of this, the poor rich man, who had no hope beyond the grave, placed seats, to enjoy life as long as he could."

John Wesley

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