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BIBLE.ORG aims to provide the Word of God and good Bible study resources to people, churches and ministries around the world... freely.

BE THINKING would have to be one of the best Christian websites around. It deals with so many relevant issues; often arranged in degrees of difficulty. This is a good one folks!!

CHRISTIAN LIBRARY AUSTRALIA is online library to encourage people concerning the Christian faith by the reading and studying the Bible and other multimedia Christian resources. You will find a collection of studies, lectures, articles and audio files.



AUSTRALIA - General Websites

AUSTRALIAN SITES lists a large number of Australian websites.

THE AUSTRALIAN EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE aims to be a strong witness for Jesus in an Australian context.

CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES IN AUSTRALIA Australia's most popular Christian websites

We also think you should look at PERSPECTIVE - a great resource for those of us who are serious about the Bible. The site exists to share Bible resources; excellent for preachers.

PHILLIP JENSEN is known to many of us. Phillip is known as a very well respected Australian evangelical leader & preacher all around the world.

SYDNEY ANGLICANS will keep you busy with a whole range of resources including audio & video. Peter Jensen is featured here.




OVERSEAS - General Websites

APPRISING MINISTRIES is a contemporary 'thinking person's' website.

BEGINNING WITH MOSES is a very good evangelical site containing some excellent articles.

CLOVER EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH has a cataologue of useful lessons & pdf articles.

CRITICAL ISSUES COMMENTARY is Pastor Bob DeWaay's website aiming to equip all Christians for the work of ministry. It was founded to help people discern truth from unbiblical teachings that cause a confusion of faith.

ETERNAL LIFE MINISTRIES features excellent mp3 sermons and articles as well. Solid stuff!

THE GOSPEL COALITION is unified approach to all things 'gospel' by some very impressive Christian leaders from various denominations. Really powerful & highly relevant website!

 JOHN316.Rocks is a website with many diverse links - including the site you are now on!

COVENANT SEMINARY has a website called THE LIVING ROOM.  Fantastic website with lots of resources and 'helps'.

LIVING WATERS is the website ministry of Ray Comfort - author of the book : "Hell's Best Kept Secret".

MIKE CORLEY.ORG has something for everyone with healthy interest in the Gospel.

UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is at Mt. Brook Community Church – Birmingham Alabama, USA.




CHURCH MEDIA is community of Christian artists & techies!

GODBIT PROJECT is a website community of creative, computer folk. Their expertise is websites - fascinating site!

WORSHIP HOUSE MEDIA are resources ($) for the creative church.


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Christian Quotes

"It is grace at the beginning, and grace at the end. So that when you and I come to lie upon our death beds, the one thing that should comfort and help and strengthen us there is the thing that helped us in the beginning."

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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