Consider Christ

Look what I found when I started really checking out Christian Faith dot com dot AU! I found: Christian Message and Statement of Faith.
Out of everything that I read in this very helpful and clear statement of faith, and all of which I believe with my whole heart, there was one thing that I have never heard explained the way this writer did. 

Our guest blogger, Ali, explains what this is ... 


It's this statement:

If the true desire of your heart is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to commit yourself to Him as your Lord and then as your Saviour such a desire can only be placed in your heart by the Spirit of God.
Note well, the word 'placed' in the quote above.

Is that not something?

That God the Holy Spirit takes His place in our heart, in yours and mine, and is placed there, by Him, IN our hearts?

It is not like a forcible ‘object’ trying to invade “US” against our will. No, it a voluntary act of God, to wish to do this for His beloved.
We ourselves would never chose.

Who wants God to be boss of all our doings anyway? Not a person who has themself sitting on their own throne.

"A good place to sit", says the person who hasn’t as yet encountered Jesus. "I mean, I am ‘king of the castle so leave my boat alone and do not rock it! OK it gets shaky sometimes, and all around becomes rather stormy and gloomy, but I am king. I got it ALL under control! Never fear, all is well!" 
Oh, by the way, this is where God laughs. Check it out Psalm 2:4:  He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.

But, ah… God is King and He wants to sit on our throne. It is what Kings are for! To rule. Justly and fairly. But God is even more, He owns us.

So have you ever considered? Have you ever considered Christ? That He would LOVE to take over all your worries and all your pain, all your fears and anything and everything you have ever done, that you wish you wouldn’t have? And then we could follow with the words… "Hey who has the monopoly on sin anyway?”

Let’s not get too bold about that one.
So, if God, in His goodness and love, the only Person who could be THAT consistent to desire to love us, not that there is often that much to love about us… well, if God wants to, is willing to give us a gift, of salvation, in His beloved Son, Jesus, then why are you going wait till another Christmas time comes by? And get all mushy about the season to be jolly or whatever catchy phrase is in vogue and then forget what the commemoration of Christmas is anyway…
I know I’d want my present yesterday, not another 300 plus days to have to wait and then maybe not bother opening it cause I am too busy. Logically it makes no sense. Does it?
A few years ago I had the pleasure of watching Billy Graham’s legacy in the The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte North Carolina, over in the good old U S of A. It was built to show how he had travelled the world as THE evangelist of the times beginning some 50 years ago to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the nations.

So it was a testament to Jesus.
Room after room and stand after stand and broadcast after broadcast didn’t just show Billy Graham doing his thing, NO - it showed - as it was MEANT to show - how God had worked His message of salvation, using this very special man to bring it to the nations of the world. The last thing that Graham wanted, or wants for that matter even today, is for people to look at HIM and see HIM as THE man. No, to Billy this is abhorrent.
So I can testify as probably many thousands of others can too, that indeed, the huge Billy Graham Library, not a museum as he pointed out, is a testament to Jesus Christ and His rule over people and nations of this world. Where once there were walls to break down, they broke, walls of bricks and walls of hearts as the Gospel did indeed reach many hearts. Millions of people have been saved through this ministry. Millions!
Every room, every single record of happenings are displayed, whether a movie on the wall, or a stand to show how it all began, everything is focused on Christ. From the massive cross at the entrance to the huge hall, where the people need to walk through at the base - at the foot of that cross, as Billy Graham said on a DVD given to all that have come and checked it out - to the last glass crosses as you leave the many display rooms of the historical recordings of crusades and revivals and changed lives of kings and princes and people - is all for God’s glory.
And I was surprised that it indeed could have been done in this beautiful manner.

One room was specifically designed so one could sit and listen to the call to repent as if you were back at a crusade and then get back on track with the Lord Jesus - that He was waiting for His child to come home - and I thought at the time, “Ah, nothing has changed. It is as current as when the revival crusades came through the different countries of this world. Australia included”. God’s Word is eternal - it never ever changes. And - the Lord wants my heart! That will never change either."
And yes, Terry Allen was a toddler and I was a few years older, in Adelaide, singing at the Leighton Ford Crusade in 1968. Yes he forgot to mention Adelaide. And then too - many people went forward to answer the call to come, “Just as I am, without one plea…” 
So I discovered by reading Terry Allen’s excellent overview called ‘Evaluating Billy Graham 50 years on” that even Coffs Harbour had a crusade. Well that is rather exciting! Or was back then…
Now my next thoughts are these, “Well that was wonderful but where is Australia now?"

And then Terry asked THE question that I have asked also for so many years off and on: What ever happened to all those people who went to Sunday school, seeing as it is was the NORM to send children to Sunday school back in the 60’s and earlier more than today. And what happened to those parents? Where are they now? Where are the second and third generations? And then the song comes to mind, where have all the flowers gone…I couldn’t resist that.
Australia truly needs a spiritual revival!
A nation that was set up on the principles of God’s Word, is a nation that has lost its way and the foundations of a civilized country where God’s name and Word were honoured and respected and used daily at home, work or play. I was going to write - at home, work, in the governments rulings and doings of each day, in the courts, you name it, in the legislation of the day, in the whole structure society needed and needs to live - harmoniously. This society has been corrupted and IS still being corrupted, by those who refuse to put God on their throne of life.
So where are YOU now?
Who is on the throne of YOUR life?
Have you considered Christ?
What He did?
Just imagine…

 by Ali