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EASY ENGLISH is a ministry of Wycliffe Associates - an evangelical missionary website based in the UK. Attempts have been made to design these online resources in easy English. Downloads & online studies include:

  •      Bible Outline - an online summary of each book of the Bible
  •      Bible Studies - in Question Style. Even though written for Bible study leaders, the questions can be used for your own personal Bible study




Bible History Online has some mp3's on the topic QUESTIONS ABOUT GOD & CHRISTIANITY.




WORLDWIDE CLASSROOM COURSES ... a ministry of Covenant Theological Seminary, offering free access to biblically-based, grace-centered theological training materials to help you in life, ministry, discipling and equipping others, and taking your biblical understanding deeper. Lectures are presented in English in MP3 format; transcripts and study guides are available as PDFs. Anyone may download, use, and share these courses at no charge for non-commercial purposes.



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Christian Quotes

"We find that God gives us plenty of evidence to believe, but not enough to force us to believe. In other words, the evidence is there for anyone who wants to check it out, but not enough to make it so obvious that God is virtually twisting arms. He wants those who want or desire to come to him."

Gary Habermas

HSC Studies of Religion. ENTER HERE

HSC Studies of Religion


Compassion Child