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Resources and ideas to help Christians tell others about the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ.



ONCE UPON A CROSS is very useful.




ALL ABOUT GOD has an informative page on all things 'evangelism'.

BE THINKING has an interesting page called 'Stories + Illustrations'

CHRISTIANITY EXPLORED - a great resource to share the Gospel truths via DVD

EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM is a must see site if you are serious about evangelism.

JOSH McDOWELL MINISTRY. "The purpose of Josh McDowell Ministry is serving others until the whole world hears about Jesus."

ONE MILLION TRACTS is a website with a lot of free resources including Ray Comfort's well known book "Hells Best Kept Secret" (audio download).

RECOVER THE GOSPEL is a website that takes the gospel seriously. Worth a good look! Includes mp3 sermons, music, audio and video.

THEOPEDIA has an excellent section on evangelism.

THE WAY OF THE MASTER - Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. See also their SCHOOL OF BIBLICAL EVANGELISM.




GOSPEL RESOURCES A massive list of over 140 gospel and evangelism resources.




"Know and Tell the Gospel" by John Chapman.




Eight tips for talking to non-Christians about Christianity (Wintery Knight)

'Friendship Evangelism Is Neither Friendship Nor Evangelism' by Tony Miano (CARM)

'How Can I Be Prepared To Defend My Faith?' by Carson Weitnauer (Reasons For God)

Tim Keller’s top 10 evangelism tips (this is short and sweet!)




The evangelistic invitation - is it Biblical? by Terry Allen.

Witnessing - carpe diem by Terry Allen.

Street preacher found guilty of 'homophobic' message. Are we witnessing the end of open air evangelism? by Terry Allen.




The Forgotten Key to Biblical Evangelism (pdf). A printable study from 'The Way of the Master'.




Jesus Film can be watched here (or listened to) in MANY different languages.

The Gospel Coalition









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