Free R.C. Sproul Teaching Series

What do you know about the 'abortion' issue? Does it matter? Surely it's a 'done and dusted' moral issue in our culture - a woman's right to choose!

Personally, I'm amazed at how many people I come in contact with who have never (repeat: never) really thought this critical issue through, carefully and objectively. Lamentably, many Christian people share particular views on this issue which would make many a humanist proud.

'Ligonier Ministry' have kindly made available to the general public an extremely worthwhile 'Teaching Series' on the subject of abortion. Dr RC Sproul is the lecturer.

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The Teaching Series is as follows:

1. What Are the Key Issues? (1 lecture)

2.  How Sacred Is Human Life? (1 lecture)

3.  When Does Life Begin? (1 lecture)

4.  What Is the Relationship of Church & State? (1 lecture)

5. What About Those Who Demand Their Rights? (1 lecture)

6. What Is Your Verdict? (1 lecture)

The free online series can be found at LIGONIER MINISTRY.

We have a dedicated page on this topic; it can be found HERE.