God's Big Picture

God's big picture Tracing the story-line of the Bible

Author: Vaughan Roberts

Year: 2003

Publisher: IVP

Pages: 160 pages

ISBN: 0-8511-298-6

Category: Bible study

Reading: Light

Chapter titles are

  1. The pattern of the kingdom
  2. The perished kingdom
  3. The promised kingdom
  4. The partial kingdom
  5. The prophesied kingdom
  6. The present kingdom
  7. The proclaimed kingdom
  8. The perfected kingdom

A great little book that gives a scaffold/ framework/ big picture view of the Bible.

At the end of each chapter there is also a series of bible study questions/ bible verses. This is suitable for both individual and for group use in a bible study.

Vaughan Roberts takes the same basic approach as Graeme Goldsworthy book, 'Gospel and Kingdom'

The kingdom of God consists of three basic components

  1. God's people in
  2. God's place under
  3. God's rule and blessing.

My rating: 8/10