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How Can We Remain Silent?

By Anonymous - Posted on 25 November 2009

unborn_child.jpgIf God has spoken to us clearly about his concern for the life of the unborn child, how can we remain silent?

Will he not hold us accountable if we fail to speak out on behalf of those least able to defend themselves?

Bruce Christian explains ...

If the God of Creation has not revealed himself and his will in Scripture then we have no basis for any moral judgement at all. If we are the end-product of a long, self generated and self-perpetuating evolutionary process that has reached its present stage of development by a ‘survival of the fittest’ principle, then we have no basis for resisting any form of genetic engineering designed to produce a better race. If we are what we are by chance, what heights could we achieve for the future of life forms by applying a bit of intelligence to the process?


But we don’t, and can’t, operate like this. We could never agree on the ground rules! And there exists a book that claims to be our Maker’s ‘operating instructions’. Jesus, who unashamedly claimed to be God the Son on earth, endorsed this claim in his own life and teaching.

If these claims are not true, Christianity is a very clever and amazingly successful fraud; if they are true, the consequences for the human race of ignoring Scripture are just too frightening.

Scripture declares that human life is the most precious thing because we are made in God’s image and likeness. All other life exists to serve Man’s needs, but we are here to ‘glorify God and enjoy him for ever’. The wilful, arbitrary taking of human life is clearly not an option, as God declares in the Sixth Commandment (Exodus 20:13). But more than that, we are required to make every effort to care for human life, and especially to be active in defending those who are most vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. The unborn human child is the most vulnerable of all.

That the unborn child is a valid human life is obvious on two counts.

Firstly, the Scriptures, the Manufacturer’s Instructions, declare it to be so (Psalm 139:13-16; Psalm 51:5; Jeremiah 1:5; Revelation 13:8, 17:8; etc).

Secondly, simple, honest scientific deduction points to this fact. There is no point of discontinuity at any stage from the conception of the embryo to beyond birth. It would be quite arbitrary, and therefore unscientific and irrational, to declare otherwise. If we are free to destroy the foetus of an unwanted or inconvenient pregnancy, what basis do we have for protecting the life of any living person who is a burden on the family or society? Consistency requires the foetus to have the protection of the Sixth Commandment as much as anyone else bearing the image of God.

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