How NOT to be an evangelical!

Below is a fascinating (read: 'very concerning') video featuring Rob Bell; former mega-church 'evangelical' pastor in the USA.

It's fascinating because it highlights the critical nature of HOW we arrive at moral positions as Christians. Is it via observing our culture 'in action' and adopting its changing popular (yet humanistic) values (like Rob Bell does) or by learning divine moral values from the Scriptures (like Jesus did)?

Watch the video closely and see how Andrew Wilson very graciously challenges Rob Bell, as a 'Christian', as to how Bell actually arrived at his radical theological position on homosexuality and 'same-sex' marriage.

This is an excellent exercise in ethical theory (the justification for our moral positions).

BTW - these 2 issues, for Christians, are not really about whether you regard homosexuality and same-sex marriage as OK or not OK. The point is this: HOW did you arrive at your 'moral' position on both issues?

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1. The FULL radio interview of this video can be found on PREMIER CHRISTIAN RADIO.

2. A spirited and entertaining counter opinion by James White can be found HERE. Well worth listening to!