International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE)

OK, so it is mostly the theological types who need an entire encyclopedia of the Bible, but I think there is a very strong case to be made for every Christian household having at least one comprehensive reference tool at their fingertips.

There seems little doubt that the ISBE is the industry standard when it comes to BIble encyclopedias. It is famous, it has stood the test of time and it is in wide use at theological colleges across the globe.

Reformed theologian Dr Kim Riddlebarger said it was "indispensible" adding,

I use this set more than any other reference work I own.  Great articles on every major doctrine, person, place, and event in the Bible.

With 10,000 individual articles, the ISBE covers everything you can think of in the Bible. And I mean everything.

Think of a word, term or place you have heard of in Scripture: the ISBE has an article about it. It is absolutely comprehensive.

In fact, many of the articles are about things you didn't even know were in the Bible!

Where else can you find out about the Viol, the work of the Atetas or how to identify Ziv?

Trivia aside, there are also valuable articles on what you might call Bible related issues such as the Mishna, Targums, Apocrypha, the era between the Testaments & many more.

Personally, I still prefer to have a book to lay out on my desk when I am doing some research, but it is hard to resist turning to the ISBE now that it is online.

If you like to study the Bible, you must put this one in your list of favourites. If you don't consider yourself a student, have a go anyway. The articles are alphabetically listed so you can think of a topic & search for it, or simply scroll through the index alphabetically & read what takes your interest.

The ISBE is one of the greatest literary contributions to the Church in the modern era. How can you resist using it?

Terry Allen

(Editor: The 1915 edition of the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia can be downloaded FREE as part of FREE software by called 'THE WORD')