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King David

King David was the most popular of all the Israelite Kings.

Also, he was a lot like the Lord Jesus in many ways. In fact, Jesus is descended from David through Mary, His mother.

Many valuable lessons can be learned from David; especially in his Psalms.



DAVID AND ARCHAEOLOGY: has very good pictures and brief information




OCHRISTIAN - medium difficulty

TWOPATHS - medium difficulty

NEW LIFE PREZ - difficult


RESEARCH - Junior High

DAVID: Web Bible Dictionary

Questions and answers about DAVID

DAVID summary and map


RESEARCH - Senior students

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Online: DAVID

Smith's Bible Dictionary: DAVID



A series of 8 lessons on the life of DAVID

Lesson 1: A Heart that is Pleasing to God (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 2: Fighting Against Goliath (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 3: When A Good Relationship Goes Bad (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 4: Good and Godly Advice (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 5: The Lord's Plan (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 6: Sin Out of Control (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 7: Consequences of Sin (and pdf. file HERE)

Lesson 8: Leaving Your Legacy (and pdf. file HERE)



DAVID AND GOLIATH Crossword puzzle

FAMILY TRUST (pdf): Lesson plan and worksheet

FREE LESSONS (pdf): Includes a maze and wordfinder. Also activities based on 2 Samuel 2-5









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