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Marcus Einfeld on gaol life – God was not there for me

By Terry - Posted on 13 September 2011


I don’t think I will ever truly understand why Marcus Einfeld did what he did. Like a child lying about eating the last chocolate, Einfeld stood before the Court and perjured himself for the sake of a $77 ticket.

What is the worst which could have happened? Surely it was not just about the money: his ties were worth more than that.

It must have been his reputation. I guess Einifeld decided that he would go through life without so much as a speeding ticket and when that ticket arrived in the mail, he figured he could just shift the blame. I can understand that.

Many people I know, down to the last few points on their licence and receiving a speed camera ticket in the mail, send the form back with their spouse’s details clearly marked as the responsible party. The fine comes back and they pay it anyway. It just preserves their licence for a while.

I think many married couples see their licences as shared property so they divide up the fines and juggle the demerit points. It happened to me once (confession time!)

My wife received a speeding fine in the mail and with the car being registered in my name, the ticket naturally came to me. At the time I could not be bothered filling in the paperwork (being such a godly example as a driver, I had no demerit points at the time!) and so I copped it (excuse the pun). Turns out it was a double demerit weekend and so I got slugged with a six point deduction.

The problem is, if I had actually received my own fine that weekend, or on any other double demerit weekend over the next three years, I would have lost my licence. No fair!

Einfeld was not exactly facing the same issue. His seemed more like a matter of pride to me, although I can only speculate. I should probably not even do that, but if I am right, I think every Australian wonders why he did not just pay the stupid fine and move on. $77 for heaven’s sake!

The former judge quickly found himself in the slammer after trying to shift the blame for the speeding ticket on to a person who turned out to be dead. You’re pretty much gone when that is your defence.

He now says that was a brain snap. He says a lot of things. He served two of his three year gaol sentence, was stripped of his Queen’s Counsel credentials & had his Order of Australia revoked.

His humiliation was complete in the eyes of the world. The problem is, God requires a humiliation of the human nature which far exceeds this and it turns out Einfeld was in no mood to surrender to that as well. What a shame.

Released from gaol earlier this year after serving two of his three year sentence, Einfeld spoke last week to a major newspaper about where he’s at. You know what he said? ‘God was not there for me when I needed him.’

Now there’s a thing. Two years in gaol & about all he learnt was gaol is stupid & most people in there should be released. And that God was absent.

Now, either he means he was expecting a literal heavenly visitation which didn’t happen or he’s saying if God really existed, he should have stepped in before Einfeld hit rock bottom.

In other words, God’s moment to intervene in people’s lives is when they are in trouble, even if it is of their own making. If he doesn’t, this can be taken as proof of his non-existence or perhaps that he doesn’t care. This is a High Court judge drawing these conclusions I remind you.

Obviously being in gaol was horrific. In the newspaper article he talks about what it was like. He had his own private room with a TV, private bathroom and a full kitchen.

He had what’s known as an “open door” arrangement, which means not only was he not locked up most of the time, but the guards & many of the prisoners were allowed to come to him for legal advice.

What does that remind you of? It’s Shawshank without redemption!

“The worst period of my life,” he said of it. I’ve got news for him: some days my life now is worse than he had it in gaol. You have a kitchen, bathroom, TV & solitary confinement. That’s not a punishment; that’s Father’s day!

How interesting it is that upon release, Einfeld would choose to draw theological blood. I don’t know about you, but I can see God’s hand in all of this. The high and mighty are humbled, punishment for wrongdoing, a big wake up call. It’s all there & God is on record as doing it all.

How sad when people are caught in a sin & react to the punishment by proclaiming that God must therefore not be real. What would you proclaim in a situation like that? The Bible says the heart is deceitful & men prefer darkness to light. So it would seem.

If the Bible is true, then we would expect those who have no saving faith to see their own misfortune as proof of God’s non existence. But for those who have come to saving faith if Christ, even the lowest points of their life can be a testimony to his graciousness.

Think of how Paul was converted; or Nebuchadnezzar. And then think of the innocent suffering of people like Joseph, the young David, Daniel, or Jeremiah.

Where did we get the idea that God’s job is to sit way out on the heavenly sidelines and only intervene if something bad is about to happen?

And here’s a really good question: if God did miraculously intervene a split second before every bad moment in your life, so that every one of them was averted, would you think to praise him for it?

No, you would not, because that also would be no proof of God’s existence. Life would just seem normal & you would probably credit yourself for your good fortune.

Perhaps if God physically appeared every time he was about to perform a miracle and announced what he was about to do, you would realise his involvement and give thanks. So, why does he not do that?

The Bible’s answer is that the resurrection of Jesus is the pinnacle of God’s miraculous intervention & it won’t get any better than that. God did physically appear and announce what he was about to do and they still did not believe.

When Jesus healed the 10 lepers in Luke 17, only the one who was not from Israel came back to thank him for it. This, in context, is what Israel had become: a nation which had rejected her messiah. But I think it is also a picture which can be applied to humanity in general. God does plenty for us, but we are not thankful in any significant way.

There is a wonderful story on the BBC website which tells the story of a former Chinese Triad gangster who has just been installed as the Methodist Minister in Liverpool, England.

Kim Goh was convicted of several violent crimes and served four years gaol at which time he was converted to Christianity. Upon release he underwent theological training & now serves in full time ministry.

Compare that to Marcus Einfeld.

Two people commit crimes & are punished. One humbles himself before the Lord and lives to serve Him; the other concludes God is missing in action.

That’s the difference between having the eyes of faith and eyes which are blinded by sin.


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