Out of Africa! An article on Bernard Blessing by Adrian van Leen

Adrian van Leen is a highly respected Australian researcher as regards to New Religious Movements and individuals. His research has been ongoing over many years and he has been invited by the Australian media to give his considered views at various times.

In the 2009 May/June  copy of 'Take a Closer Look' magazine (which he publishes) he raised some very serious concerns about Bernard Blessing, also known as Dr. Blessing, Ankomah Bernard Percy and Rev Blessing.

These issues raised by Adrian need to be clarified by Bernard Blessing as he has 'ministered' in Australia to various congregations. For example, he has been a speaker at Northside Christian Church in Melbourne. According to their website Bernard "... speaks into the lives of presidents, prime ministers and other leaders throughout the world on a daily basis."


You can read all about 'Bernard Blessing' by accessing Adrian's article which appears HERE.

This record above seems to suggest that Ankomah Bernard Percy's mother was a typist.

(Above photo) Seems to point to Ankomah Bernard Percy attending Swedru Secondary School where he was a chapel prefect.


(The original article was published in TAKE A CLOSER LOOK, Vol.30, No.3; May-July 2009).