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Proud to be an Australian? Then watch this video ...

By stephen - Posted on 08 November 2010

Those of you who are regulars to our site know that we do not put video on our front page. We tend to write articles and reinforce our subject matter with relevant video. However, I received an email from a concerned Australian today ... featuring the following video. Having watched it, I had no hesitation placing it on the front page for you to see too. Please watch it all.


We, as Australian Christians (with few exceptions), have been far too silent about abortion in our country. The fact that a dominant State in Australia (Victoria) has passed this law should not mean that we lay down and do nothing. Far from it!

We need to demand from our lawmakers that abortion is not acceptable in our land. Not now ... not ever. If a representative of the people cannot defend the rights of the unborn, then they are not fit to hold public office - regardless of their party.

How they voted:

In favour of the Bill (Ayes), 23

Barber, Mr                     Lovell, Ms
Broad, Ms (Teller)        Madden, Mr
Coote, Mrs                    Mikakos, Ms
Darveniza, Ms              Pakula, Mr
Davis, Mr D.                  Pennicuik, Ms
Davis, Mr P.                  Pulford, Ms
Eideh, Mr                      Scheffer, Mr
Hall, Mr                         Tee, Mr
Hartland,   Ms              Thornley, Mr
Jennings,   Mr              Tierney, Ms (Teller)
Koch,    Mr                     Viney, Mr
Leane, Mr

Against the bill (Noes), 17

Atkinson, Mr                    O’Donohue, Mr
Dalla-Riva, Mr                 Petrovich, Mrs
Drum, Mr                         Peulich, Mrs
Elasmar, Mr                    Rich-Phillips, Mr
Finn, Mr (Teller)               Smith, Mr
Guy, Mr                              Somyurek, Mr
Kavanagh, Mr (Teller)    Theophanous, Mr
Kronberg,   Mrs               Vogels, Mr
Lenders, Mr

(HANSARD) Friday, 10 October 2008

For a more detailed look at how MP's voted (BOTH Houses of Parliament) please go HERE.

For more information about this evil decision - let's call it what it is - please refer to the following link: PRO-LIFE VICTORIA as well as LIFE VOTE.

"CHRISTIAN FAITH" strongly recommends the inexpensive booklet by Peter Barnes called 'ABORTION'; available for just $4.95 HERE.

Check out Melissa Ohden's website HERE.







Below are just two of the sections taken from the below Website regarding Abortion, as a statement of how you and I ought to think!

Abortion ! ONE OF THE MOST COMMON TYPES OF SURGERY?? Yes read on and visit the Governments Better Health Website, please!

And perhaps we could listen again to the two women speaking on Video. Thank God for them.

If like me, you are NOT horrified at the statistics, and statements, I would be most surprised!

We don't need to call ourselves Australian and be proud!!!  We need to ask the harder question are we human and will we do nothing about this Legally grose Governmental Dictatorship!

Oh yes! The cry still can be heard, but not from the unheard screams of the dying children!

"If we Legalise it, we can control it! Less people will suffer! And now now Col, there are some situations!!!"

Please friends, if nothing else, Listen to the silent screams!


(Below is taken from the Government Better Health Site )

Things to remember

  • Abortion is one of the most common types of surgery performed in Australia.
  • Medical (non-surgical) options include the drug mifepristone, also known as RU486 or ‘the abortion pill’.
  • A number of studies show that most Australians support the idea of safe and legal abortions.
  • A woman seeking abortion is most likely to be aged in her 20s, single, childless, well educated and employed.
Things to remember
  • Abortion is legal in Victoria.
  • Most abortion service providers are located in Melbourne.
  • Costs vary from one clinic to the next.
  • Abortion services exist in some rural areas, and options should be discussed with your referring doctor.



Australia's Shame !!! Legal Abortion!! The Mother's Grief !

To add insight into the ongoing tradgedy for many of the Mothers of aborted children, please do them the honour of reading their brave statements.

If you are a woman , you are valued by us ,especially if you are contemplating the difficult, heartrenching decision yourself, in having your pregnancy continue, or brought to a close.

It can be a very lonely time! May you find, as well as be given, by God and his people surrounding you, the strength of womanhood and of Motherhood to live as you believe,I pray and speak with you now. For now, please be compassionate to yourself!

If it's not too difficult, please visit with these wonderful, valued women below.

Thank you


A grieving place for mothers of aborted babies.


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