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Serving others? Yeh, sure!!! Don't you know who I am!?

By stephen - Posted on 11 May 2013

Recently I attended a major men's Christian conference in the chilly mountainous region west of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We listened to some excellent teaching (apart from a good old fashioned ‘act-of-the-human-will’ diatribe – sigh!) but none better than from an Irishman who goes by the name of ‘Chris Wright’. He beckons from London actually and he said something so profound, so extremely helpful, that it will (hopefully) stay with me for the rest of my life.

What did he say? Well, you will have to read on …


Chris spoke to us guys about the love of God and the need to love others – basic I know – but this theme seems to be following me around a lot lately (hence: when will I learn this!).

He spoke powerfully, and correctly, about our status in Christ and how secure and profound this status is. That is, we are ‘in Christ[i]. Our connection to Him is mind-boggling when you really think about it and our identity as Christian men (and women) is found completely in Him.

This fact – this ‘grace’ status in Jesus (our ‘position’ in Jesus) should be the springboard from which we serve (and love) others.

Chris then went on to say that because of this we can serve and nothing is beneath us because our security in Christ can never be threatened … we are who we are – in Jesus.

This means that from this base, this fact, this status, this position, we are are free to serve because our security should not be in our worldly position or status (e.g. a foreman, a boss, a teacher) but in Him.

Jesus, Himself, performed very lowly tasks. For example, He once washed His disciple’s feet because, according to Chris Wright, He was secure in the knowledge of who He was. He knew Who He really was so this servant's task didn't phase Him at all - why should it?!

We are ‘in Him’ – fully secure; therefore, our love for others can (and should) include the most menial of tasks as well.

To love God – in very practical ways is, in a sense, is to ‘prove’ the existence and love of God. They (non-believers) will know we are disciples of the living God by our love for one another[ii].

To me this is critical because we don’t have to be at all concerned what others think when performing even the most menial of tasks for others; even if we occupy employment positions that our culture deems prestigious. In fact, we don’t even have to balk at them within our own minds because we know exactly who we are in Christ.

If our Master washed the dusty feet of others then so can we – it’s that basic, it’s that simple!

At the time of listening to the very helpful preaching of Chris Wright I had just been asked to occupy a very important senior position in the school where I teach.

In some ways I was apprehensive about the ‘position’ as it came with a lot of responsiblity and also 'power'.

But despite my own pride and self-centeredness; I left the chilly mountainous region west of Sydney, NSW, Australia with a real positive spark of knowing that earthly status is totally irrelevant when it comes to serving others.

I am a King’s kid! And as a secure, adopted child of the living God I am free to be of help to others because of who I am in Jesus.


Stephen Cracknell 

Please feel free to comment on this blog via our CONTACTS page. I’d be keen to publish your ideas and reactions. My personal details can be found HERE.

[i] 2 Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 3:26-28;

[ii] John 13.35


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