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Stephen Cracknell

"I was privileged to travel to Israel to live in a kibbutz (collective farm) for a month in the late 70's, aged in my early twenties. 

I wasn't a Christian nor Jewish - just a young guy looking for adventure.

Israel is an amazing place and it's not hard to quickly work out that Jesus walked there 2000 years ago - especially when a Christian Jew, called "Walking David", took me on a 2 1/2 hour tour of Jerusalem highlighting the places where the Lord Jesus walked and taught!

As I travelled around I saw places like Galilee, Jericho, Dead Sea - even spending Christmas Eve in a little town called Bethlehem. You may have heard of it?

But it was in a small church in Old Jerusalem that I prayed a very simple, but very sincere, prayer that God would make Himself real to me.

When I returned to home to Australia I went and saw Franco Zeffirelli's film,"Jesus of Nazareth" twice at the local theatre in the South Coast of NSW where I grew up. I went twice because I was captivated by the person of Jesus the first time I saw the film.

To cut a long story short, I was experiencing a very real heart interest in God; who He was and my (non) relationship with Him. So much so that I  "went forward" at a Billy Graham Crusade the same year and was 'born again' on the 30th April, 1979.

I am amazed to this day how little I knew about Jesus but I did know I needed to 'connect' with Him as a matter of highest priority - I entered the kingdom of God that day as a little child - all of grace - nothing but grace.

It was so simple but so powerfully real - still is.

That was over 30 years ago and my 'heart interest' in God has never waned because God is just so good, loving, accessible, patient and sovereign over the affairs of all that is.

My wife and I attend evangelical Church on the Mid-North Coast of NSW.

When I am not teaching a terrific bunch of teens at a local school, I manage to play Over 35's soccer with Terry Allen; watching the Parramatta Eels lose often and I always enjoy discussing our Lord, theology and the Christian faith with the lads.

I really hope you 'enjoy' this website - I hope it brings you closer to the Creator - I hope you will be challenged to explore the "Christian faith" - which really means I hope you will consider the risen Jesus. He still lives you know!"

SR Cracknell



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