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William Lane Craig in Australia very soon. Itinerary here!

By stephen - Posted on 09 July 2013

We are thrilled to inform you that William Lane Craig is about to visit Australia for a series of talks and debates during late July and most of August 2013.

Dr. Craig is one of the world's most accomplished Christian apologists. In fact, he is so effective that Richard Dawkins refuses to debate him.

However, Dawkins' 'New Atheist' friend and colleague, Prof. Lawrence Krauss (popular cosmologist and darling of ABC TV Australia), is prepared to step up to the plate and debate Craig in the 3 major Australian cities.

If you can make it to one of these debates or talks then please do! We, at Christian Faith, think 'Bill' is absolutely fantastic! His breadth of knowledge is stunning and he deals with his opponents with respect, humility and grace. One hopes that the same manner of civility is extended to Craig via the Australian media.

Tickets are now available to the various venues; some are simply public lectures. We will keep adding to this page as events unfold. For example, we have just found out that Dr. Craig will be a panelist on the ABC's Q&A program on Monday, August 5th. [STOP PRESS: This is not going to happen. Please see the ABC Q&A's response to my query regarding this issue at the conclusion of this article].

Please read on for more details including latest itinerary...



Dr. William Lane Craig vs Dr. Lawrence Krauss

Brisbane Aug 7: Has science buried God? (SOLD OUT)

Sydney Aug 13: Why is there something rather than nothing? (SOLD OUT)

Melbourne Aug 16:  Is it reasonable to believe there is a God?

These debates have been organised by City Bible Forum (this link is very helpful).

Access the official Media Release here (pdf).





Dr Lane Craig Australian Tour

Dr William Lane Craig will be in Australia during August 2013. He is being brought to Australia by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) as the lead apologist for the ‘Your God’ mission. This mission will be conducted by all Sydney based AFES campus groups for the first three weeks of semester 2 (29th July – 16th August). Dr Craig will also engage with Prof Krauss in 3 events being hosted by City Bible Forum (CBF). See details above.

What follows is Dr Craig’s itinerary. As the details and venues are confirmed this schedule will be updated.



Dr Craig will be speaking at the following locations:


Sunday 4th August (SYDNEY).

 surpriseCORRECTED: 31 July 2013

  • 10-11.30am and 6.30pm
  • Dr Craig will speak at both services
  • St Barnabas Anglican Church
  • 57-61 Mountain St, Ultimo, Sydney



Monday 5th August (SYDNEY)

surpriseCORRECTED: 4 August 2013 (No ABC Q&A - see the comment below)


Tuesday 6th August (SYDNEY)



Wednesday 7th August (BRISBANE)

  • 10am-2pm Lunch Meeting (NOT a public event)



"Last night's "dialogue" with Krauss was like gladitorial combat! He even had a buzzer which he was pushing at various times during my speech to register his disapproval and try to disrupt my speaking!" WLC Twitter


 The video of this Brisbane talk can be found via this link: Life, the Universe and Nothing: Has science buried God?



Friday 9th August (ADELAIDE)



"After a very full day at a Pastor’s Conference yesterday in Adelaide, Jan and I finally have a bit of a break. This gives me a chance to address one of the personal charges that Krauss issued in his opening speech of the Brisbane event.
It concerns a mistake which I had already realized and corrected some time ago. When Kevin Harris and I recorded our podcasts reviewing the movie “The Unbelievers,” we worked off an audio recording someone had made of the movie. So we could not see who was actually speaking. I mistook who was speaking in an exchange between Richard Dawkins and Cardinal Pell and so misinterpreted the exchange. When we became aware of the mistake, we immediately corrected the podcast so that the misattribution was no longer made. However, Krauss obtained a copy of the initial uncorrected podcast during the few days it was public and played it during his opening speech, followed by the clip from the movie showing what had actually taken place. He construed this as deliberate misrepresentation and distortion on my part, thereby impugning my character.
The mistake was mine, and I regret it. It was, however, an honest mistake, self-corrected as soon as we became aware of it. It was not deliberate misrepresentation or distortion as Prof. Krauss charged. I explained this to him personally after the Dialogue, but he remained unmollified. It will be interesting to see if he brings it up in the Sydney Dialogue." WLC Facebook

Monday 12th August (SYDNEY)

  • 12‐2pm AFES Sydney Uni Evangelical Union
  • Sydney University Great Hall
  • Public lecture “The historical evidence for the resurrection”



"Tweet from Krauss: "Brisbane event video should appear this week I think." This is a very positive development! I'm relieved that he's not going to block its release." WLC Facebook



Tuesday 13th August (SYDNEY)


"The dialogue last night with Krauss went really well! We largely avoided the personal attacks and finally focused on the philosophical issues. Krauss did not mount much of a defense of his claim that physics can offer plausible explanations of why something exists rather than nothing and did not seem to understand Leibniz's argument, taking it to be about the temporal origin of he universe. Now on to Melbourne, where the dialogue will be moderated by none other than Graham Oppy!" WLC Facebook

 EDITOR: See my personal critique of the evening entitled: William Lane Craig v Lawrence Krauss: Sydney


" Unfortunately Prof Krauss hasn't given us permission to release the Sydney video. So there are no plans to release that at the moment." City Bible Forum


Thursday 15th August (SYDNEY and WOLLONGONG)

  • 11am-12noon: Lunch meeting (NOT a public event)


  • 12:30pm AFES Evangelical Christian Union
  • Wollongong University
  • Public lecture: "Does science prove that God doesn't exist?" (followed by extended Q&A)



Friday 16th August (MELBOURNE)

(8.40pm 15/08/13: tickets are still available - get in quick!!)

  • 7‐9pm CBF Event
  • Melbourne Town Hall
  • Public debate #3 v Professor Lawrence Krauss: “Is it reasonable to believe there is a God?”

"The dialogue with Krauss last night in Melbourne was a knock-down, drag-out contest, the most substantive of the three dialogues so far. We had good exchanges on the kalam cosmological argument, the fine-tuning argument, the moral argument, and the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection, as well as some discussion of the applicability of mathematics to the physical world. Oppy played almost no role. Krauss told me afterwards that he wanted to convey to me a note of “faint praise”: his image of me has changed; he now thinks that I sincerely believe the arguments that I put forward. In other words, I’m not a charlatan after all but am just sincerely wrong! Well, that’s some progress, I guess!" (WLC Facebook)

 The video of this Melbourne talk can be found via this link: Life, the Universe and Nothing: Is it reasonable to believe there is a God?


Monday 19th August (SYDNEY)

  • 12‐2pm AFES Sydney Uni Evangelical Union
  • Sydney University Great Hall
  • Public lecture: “Why the resurrection makes a difference.”
For further information please contact:
Patrick Benn

A universe from nothing? What you should know before you hear the Krauss-Craig debate by Luke Barnes (ABC Religion and Ethics)

On the Origin of Everything ‘A Universe From Nothing,’ by Lawrence M. Krauss. A critique by David Albert - professor of philosophy at Columbia and the author of “Quantum Mechanics and Experience.” (NY Times)

'Why science cannot explain why anything at all exists' by Luke Barnes (Sydney University)


Slaughter of the Canaanites. William Lane Craig deals with this sensitive issue. 



"People contact us all the time pitching international and local identities for the Q&A panel and we've had lots of people contact us suggesting William as a panellist. However, we have not invited him to appear because we suspected that this would be a critical period in the election campaign. We have had many theologians appear on Q&A this year.  Those debates are always interesting but during the election campaign domestic politics is our priority."

Email comment from the ABC Q&A producer to the editor of Christian Faith. We thank them for clarifying this issue with us.



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