Free AudioBook:"AMERICA'S PASTOR" (Billy Graham) by Grant Wacker.

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"During a career spanning sixty years, the Reverend Billy Graham’s resonant voice and chiseled profile entered the living rooms of millions of Americans with a message that called for personal transformation through God’s grace.

How did a lanky farm kid from North Carolina become an evangelist hailed by the media as “America’s pastor”?

More than a conventional biography, Grant Wacker’s interpretive study deepens our understanding of why Billy Graham has mattered so much to so many." CHRISTIANAUDIO





JUST GENES: A WORLDVIEW TOOL (pdf) by Peter Leslie (AFES) is a wonderful resource! "In your genes? It’s just a tool to get anybody thinking about what they believe or live for. We ask six big questions, present 5 possible answers and ask people to work out which answer best resonates with them. And to help stimulate the brain cells we make a few pithy comments and say a few words about Christianity. If words are not your thing you can look at some diagrams and work out which best portrays how you think and live."

BIBLE 101 (The Briefing). "If the Bible had a highlights reel, what passages would flash across the screen? In Bible 101, we’ll be taking a close look at 101 purple passages from the Bible that we think every Christian should know and understand."

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Becoming a Mature Christian mp3

In proclaiming the fullness of Jesus the Messiah, Paul did not hesitate to admonish nor did he hesitate to teach. His ultimate goal was for every born again person who claims Jesus as their Lord to be “fully mature” in Christ. 

If you are not allowing yourself to be taught the truths of the Christian faith on a regular basis, then you are a foolish Christian. If you think you can mature in your faith without sound Biblical teaching, then you are wrong. You will not. In fact, you will deny yourself more and more valuable and essential insights into your true life in Christ. 

Do not remain an immature Christian!

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VIDEO: A rather humorous, yet serious, look at - 8 Reasons Why I Can't Share My Faith (it is funny!)

AEDIFICIA "We can offer you 'mentoring' as you develop as a Christian leader as well as supporting your effective practice". This is the dedicated ministry of Rev. Peter Moore and his wife Ngaire. 

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Parenting can be very hard! mp3

Watching Bible-based movies sometimes can be a difficult experience – much like following the Parramatta Rugby League Club (if this means nothing to you - rejoice!).

I’m sure you all have watched a biblically themed movie only to, at times, shuffle in your seat and wince not a few times at the poor dialogue and especially the acting.

A movie that comes to my mind is “King David” which starred Richard Gere – as King David.

In my opinion it’s not really that good at all! It’s actually awful.

However, to be fair, there is one scene that remains memorable and it’s truly a sad scene. King David, having received news that his son Absalom had been killed, falls to his knees and emotionally laments publically, “O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!” It was a sad, sad scene.

How did King David’s son Absalom die and why? What do we know about Absalom and what can we learn from him, his relationship with his father and what can we learn about ourselves? Finally, what can we learn about parenting?

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"A Real Life Story - Transformation from Orphan to a Dreamer' by Brother Elisha

Nine years ago, an elderly woman brought a four years old little girl to me. Girl was pale, shy, looking so innocent and had no life on her face.

She had only one long gown which was torn out. She probably didn’t know where she was and why her grandmother brought her to me as she was so small and had no idea of what was going on.

Grandmother was in late 70’s. Grandmother started to tell me about the life of the little girl. The little girl lost both parents when she was three. Grandmother raised her as mother for one year.

After that she couldn’t even feed her as she was so old and couldn’t work. Both were living on the kindness of others in her village to fill their stomachs.

Grandmother was so worried about little girls’ future as she was in her last days. She wanted to find a place for the girl.

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