'The Doctrine of The Atonement as Taught by Christ Himself' & 'Inerrancy and Worldview'

FREE BOOK #1: The Doctrine of The Atonement as Taught by Christ Himself

OR The Sayings of Jesus Exegetically Expounded and Classified.

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This book deals with nearly every passage in the Gospels referring to the death of Christ. George Smeaton examines parallel Bible texts in the Gospels, as well as passages in which Christ personally explains the nature, scope, and result of his death on behalf of mankind.

Smeaton presents Jesus' explanations of his death and resurrection as proof that God indeed forgives those sinners who trust in Him. His death as a substitution for the resolution of their personal sin is shown to be God's guarantee of redemption. He accurately describes, in depth, these Gospel accounts in which Jesus offered insight into the divine view of the cross.

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From CHRISTIAN CLASSICS ETHEREAL LIBRARY comes our free book download for this month ... admittedly, a heavy one!

It's called 'Warranted Christian Belief' by Alvin Plantinga (1932- ). "This book is about the intellectual or rational acceptability of Christian belief." So writes Alvin Plantinga in the first line of the preface to his book, Warranted Christian Belief.

Plantinga is one of modernity's greatest philosophers, and 'Warranted Christian Belief' is a prime example of his religious inclination and masterful arguments for the importance and viability of faith.

Available free as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

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An end to ‘Cosy Church’ and ‘Duvet Discipleship’?

In his bestselling autobiography, Life and Laughing, the British comedian Michael McIntyre reveals something of his heritage. He amusingly calls himself a ‘Canary’ because his Father is from Montreal, Canada and his Mother from Hungary.  I too am part Canadian, having lived and worked there for nearly twenty years, initially in Vancouver and latterly as a Senior Pastor in Calgary. Whilst serving there I fell in love with the Canadian sporting scene, especially Ice Hockey.  As a spectacle this sport is fast, exciting and very combative. I loved to watch my local NHL teams, The Vancouver Canucks and The Calgary Flames. So you can imagine that a hockey analogy would particularly resonate with me. It was said of the late Steve Jobs of Apple that he,could see a pass even before the puck left the stick’. In other words, Steve Jobs had the gift of seeing the direction of future marketing trends before anybody else. That is what made him the phenomena he was!

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Tradition v God's Word mp3

A group of religious VIPs travel north from Jerusalem one day to challenge Jesus.

Apparently, He is a lousy Rabbi because His disciples are breaking the 'tradition of the elders' (a broad range of religious requirements that are NOT in the Old Testament).

Jesus will do more than offend highly respected members of the community; He will challenge religion itself.

The confrontation is not pleasant; in fact, it is truly shocking!


Obama and same-sex marriage: makes a lot of sense

Recently the President of USA, Barak Obama, publicly expressed the reasons and rationale as to why he supports same-sex marriage. This has prompted our own leader, Ms Julia Gillard to re-affirm her oppostion to what many believe to be an inevitable social adjustment.

But surely, same-sex marriage simply makes sense!

Michael Horton explains this via an article he has just written entitled: 'Same-Sex Marriage Makes a Lot of Sense.'


Free A.W.PINK e-books from Monergism

MONERGISM is offering some very handy titles on their website (not sure how long?).

They are 2 books by AW Pink:

'The Doctrine of Man's Impotence' and 'The Total Depravity of Man.'

These are available via HTML, ePub and .mobi formats and guess what? You do not have to register!

Monergism has also made available: 'Prevenient Grace and Semi-Pelagianism' (.pdf only) by Scott Christensen.

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