Who is this guy called Jesus? Six reasons I think he is in fact the Son of God as he claimed by Dr. Bruce Watts

Are there justifiable reasons to believe that Jesus was more than a mere man?

Dr. Bruce Watts shares with us 6 key reasons as to why he personally believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Each key reason is compelling, well articulated and thought-provoking.

1. The reality of God surrounds us and is unavoidable to the unprejudiced mind. 

Key reasons for me to think this way are:

Humans are full of, and appreciative of, - beauty, love, music, imagination, maths, logic, literature, art, kindness, laughter, humour and nobility of spirit. None of this has any reasonable explanation in evolutionary theory. It is far more consistent with being created in the image of God. For example, see The beauty of the peacock tail and the problems with the theory of sexual selection by Stuart Burgess.

The universe generally, and this planet specifically, is finely tuned to allow life to exist. Not only that, the universe and this planet are aesthetic and beautiful in form and design (see The universe is finely tuned for life by Jonathan Sarfati).

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Articles: Joyce Meyer by Matt Slick (CARM) and Exposing Joyce Meyer by Josh Buice (DBG).

Article: How long can we flog this parson? by Simon Manchester (The Briefing). An illuminating article about the second chaplain to New South Wales - Samuel Marsden - who is known as the 'flogging parson'.

Question: "I am a Buddhist. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?" (Got Questions?)

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Jesus and that awkward question mp3

The miraculous feeding of 5,000 men (plus thousands of others, of course) is the only miracle of Jesus that is mentioned in all 4 New Testament Gospels.

Was the 'sign', as John prefers to call the miracle, significant? If so, how significant? What is a 'sign' anyway? And why did Jesus ask Philip that very awkward question when He knew what He was going to do all along?

A lot of questions are raised in this fascinating passage including the questionable motives of the large crowd itself.

Perhaps there is much more in this 'sign' than meets the eye.

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Hugo be thy name

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That old French saying is never more true than when sin manifests.

It has been over a year since Venezuelan Hugo Chavez passed away, but the former president was, politically, brought back to life this week in an all too familiar scene.


Free audiobook: How Should We Then Live? by Francis A. Schaeffer

This is a true Christian classic and should not be ignored - highly recommended by 'Christian Faith'.

For the month of September only, you can download this wonderful book,  How Should We Then Live? by Francis A. Schaeffer, for free.

Schaeffer is one of our favourite authors and if you have never come across his books - then now is the time!

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BLOGS FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN: 'THE GALOTTIES’ by Elisha Galotti, 'a thirty five year old wife to the best man I know, Justin. He's also my pastor at a church we love in a city we love, West Toronto Baptist Church.

Premier website! Ex-Mormon Christians United For Jesus! (Michael Wilder and Lynn Wilder). See video: " Unveiling Grace: The Film.' on our front page.

Free Bible Software: e-SWORD has more capabilities than you would expect for free!

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The trials and tribulations of Mark Driscoll.

STOP PRESS: 16.10.14 On Tuesday, October 14, Pastor Mark Driscoll submitted his resignation as an elder and lead pastor of Mars Hill Church. 

STOP PRESS: Mark Driscoll Steps Down As Mars Hill Pastor During Review 'The 43-year-old pastor has been under fire in recent months for plagiarism, inappropriate use of church funds and improper behavior toward subordinates.' (Huff Post)

This is somewhat difficult!

We feel we need to be upfront with all of our readers and inform you that we have recently removed videos etc of Mark Driscoll from our site.

We should also be very candid with you and inform you that not everyone on the 'CHRISTIAN FAITH' team has been keen to have Driscoll feature on our site at all! Certainly not for the past few years. There have been worrying signs that all is not as it should be.

If you don't know by now, our Christian brother Mark Driscoll has not been enjoying the best of years - humanly speaking. In fact, this year in particular has been awful - true story!

Allegations of bullying, plagiarism and a lack of accountability has recently seen Driscoll's books removed by a bookselling company; his services as a speaker curtailed and even former colleagues have denounced him on the blogosphere. Driscoll is not the poster boy he once was.

We have been increasingly nervous about recent developments yet we are not sinless either. We run a very responsible website but we are not blameless in all that we do. Suffice to say that it's best (responsible) that we remove Driscoll's published input on our site - whilst he works out how he can best serve the Lord He truly loves. We want only the best for him and also those he has clearly hurt.

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