This website began as a collaborative effort of 5 ordinary local Coffs Harbour Christian 'blokes' who all share committed conservative evangelical convictions. We attend local fellowships.

Left to right: Terry Allen, Rob Donnelly, Stephen Cracknell, John Batchelor and Steve White.

We only began planning the 'Christian Faith' website on the 16th April, 2009 (see photo above; our very first meeting) so please be patient as we keep building this site into something useful, practical and helpful. It's very early days for us, but we are labouring on this website most weeks.

We want to share and discuss the Christian Faith with you ... as revealed in the Bible ... personified so beautifully in the Person of Jesus the Messiah.

Our shared belief is that Christians grow in their faith by understanding the Bible and its implications; and one cannot become a Christian unless the Word of God impacts a human heart to bring it life. God's Spirit is active in both.

Our banner reads " ... helping you grow in Jesus." Let us share that passion together because utimately, the 'truth' is Jesus.

If you are not sure what an 'evangelical' is - Leon Morris (an Australian) can help you!