Terry Allen

I'm a 46 year old bloke who is married to Fleur and tries to feed and clothe four kids. I spent the first 25 years of my working life as a radio and television presenter in NSW.

In the '80's I was a mullet-wearing DJ, but now I spend much of my time as Pastor of Sandy Beach Baptist Church, 20k's north of Coffs Harbour.

To pay the bills, I still occasionally do some TV journalism with Prime 7 News in Northern NSW.

I am passionate about football (not thugby league, aerial ping pong or Ra Ra - I mean the real football) and I still play in a local Over 35's competition. I am also the publicity officer for North Coast Football where I write articles for the local media and take as many action photos of locals games as I can. I stay up late to watch the mighty Liverpool in the EPL and my dream is to one day watch a match at Anfield.

I grew up in a christian household (both sets of grandparents were even christians!) so I don't claim to have walked on the wild side too much, but one day as a young man I was confronted by some rather indefatigable Jehovah's Witnesses.

"No problemo" I thinks to meself, knowing I had heard every Bible story which should surely be enough to win an argument.

The conversation was anything but simple and I proceeded to ramble through a half hour dialogue with the JW's with not much more than sunday school trivia to use as weaponry. This experience revealed to me that I was not the scholar I thought I was.

As if I needed any further proof, my local church asked me to give my first ever sermon about this time. The only thing I had to use as a study resource were the footnotes in the NIV Study Bible my wife had recently bought me. Mercifully, this sermon was not taped for posterity.

I had to face the sobering reality that I had been in church all of my life and didn't really know the Bible the way I thought I did. I made a serious attempt to change that. I began to buy books, books & more books, I listened to sermons and asked genuinely mature christians questions. Lots of them.

Then there were the Jehovah's Witnesses. I bought every book on the JW's Koorong bookstore had and began to create Bible studies for use with them. Systematic Theology became my constant companion as I tried to understand what the Bible taught on every subject.

There were several spectacular "studies" accompanied by lots of fireworks, but not many of them were particularly successful. The battles with the JW's came and went until my house became one of those bypassed every Saturday.

With my church short of money & requiring volunteer workers only, I was basically handed the teaching role which I attacked with whatever spare time I could find. Systematic Theology gave up some of its ground to Biblical Theology and the pieces of Scripture began to fall into place.

Eventually, as I completed Theological study by correspondance, my church asked me to be their Pastor, albeit on part-time money, and I ended my career in the media and went into the ministry.

If I have one passion above all else, it is to teach Christians the Bible, especially new Christians. I will do whatever I can to grab God's flock who are being lured away by the wolves and lead them back to the pen of the good shepherd.

Regardless of my efforts, however, it comforts me to hear Jesus say in John 10, "his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger". Ultimately, the great shepherd of the sheep is in control of his flock.

My hope is this website will lead you to Him.